Saturday, December 22, 2007

Being the last weekend before Christmas, what do you need to finish or complete for Christmas?

With this being the last weekend before Christmas, I have soooo many things to accomplish still, including things that do not have to do with Christmas as well!!
1. My grandparents mini album (which we, me, my mom, and my aunt, are working on today and tomorrow!)
2. Finishing up buying gifts
3. Figuring out what to take to everyone's Christmas'
4. Buying groceries for food to take to Christmas parties
5. Open a checking account (hppefully doing today!)
6. Wrapping gifts
7. Cleaning the house
8. Laundry
9. Cooking
10. Sit down and relax!!!

Well, that is a few to start out with, mainly the big things that need to be done!!! :)

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jp said...

OK -- other than opening a checking account, this is MY list!! And funny, I've been thinking about changing banks, so in that case, your whole list would work for me! Maybe I should print yours and go with it! Good luck finishing everything up! Happy holidays! Janet