Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

Not much going on for New Year's here. Just sitting around the house, scrapbooking, playing video games and watching football and other TV shows.

It kind of sucks not doing anything for New Year's anymore, but I am not much into the bar scene and the couple we spend most of our time with are playing poker and we are not poker people at all. I suck at poker, I honestly have no clue on how to really play, I just wing it and am like oh this looks like a good hand and then it ends up pretty much doing me no good!

I have been a scrapping machine this past week. I got over 60 pages done and am still going. I am working on my mom and dad's scrapbook for them and would like to have it done before their 30th anniversary, which is in 3 years, but that may be pushing it! So, they may have to wait until their 35th, but we will wait and see! I updated my New Year's Resolutions...I should say I just cut back on some of them, because there were sooo many.

1.) Keep in touch with everything at least once every other week, if not every week by email
2.) Blog everyday. (I really dropped blogging for some reason and I would like to get back into it!)
3.) Finishing my mom and dad's scrapbook
4.) Catch up mine and Cory's scrapbook
5.) Loose weight, by eating healthier, exercising everyday & no pop or energy drinks
6.) Spend less!!!!
7.) Do more pages this upcoming here than I did this year

Okay, so I went from 16 New Year's Resolutions to 7, which I cut to less than half of what I had!! Yipee!! Guarantee, I have loose weight, with three other works!


Monday, December 29, 2008

The Weekend

Our weekend, well I should say starting at 5am Sunday morning and going to 9pm tonight, not really a weekend.

We, Cory and I, left at 5am Sunday morning with my dad and brother to go see my aunt and uncle that live down near Columbus. So 5am rolls around and we are on our way! We get there...oh...about 9:30 or so....the best part on the way down, was dad getting pulled over by the Ohio State Me, my brother and Cory were all sleeping and I woke up, because I felt like we were not moving and asked him what was going on....well in Ohio it is only 65mph on the highways....which sucks by way! I know I went to school in Ohio for 4 years and 65 seems so slow compared to what I drive in dad was keeping up with these other two cards I guess and he got clocked at 78 in a 65....not so hot in my mind, well he got off with a warning, because he has had a clean driving record that last couple of years! I gave him crap all weekend about it, because they still give me crap about my citation...not a citation, which still cost me 100 dollars....Anyways...

We got to my aunt and uncles and sat down and has some lunch with them and just kind of grazed the rest of the day until we ate at about 5. We just kind of sat around and talked with the aunt and uncle, played some video games on the Wii and dad took a little nap, since he drove all the way, while the rest of us slept.

After dinner we cleaned up and sat around and talked some more and then we got the six of us together and played "Apples to Apples." Let me tell you...this is the greatest game ever, I think! We get laughing sooo hard. We have a copy, well my mom and dad do, and my aunt and uncle went and bought a copy for 10 dollars at Target! I really want the game and thinking I will buy it next time I see it for 10 dollars. was sooo much fun...we play it everytime we go down there and we always end up having so many good laughs! We played that for a couple of hours! Time flies when you're havin fun!

So, today, we didn't do much and then we ran into Columbus and the Eastland mall....We also went to this JCPenney Outlet store, that is nothing but furniture! They are anywhere between 50 and 90 percent off! I found soo many things that I wanted for a house! Some of the things you had to watch the price on, which is normal is suppose to be like a scratch and dent type of place, but many of things look really good. They had one dresser that was missing a drawer and it was 80 percent off the current price and they had the same dresser with all the doors and it was only half you kinda gotta watch it, but we found some things we like and we may eventually go back and get them sooner rather than later, if we can get some extra money!

We just got back home about 9pm. It was a pretty good trip. I miss my aunt and uncle very much, they are great! I have so much fun when we go down there, they are just so far away is what sucks!

My aunt goes back in for test on the 9th of January to see if they got all the cancer out and if not she starts chemo on the 16th of January, which the doctor's said that if the tests show that the cancer is technically gone, they may have her do chemo anyways. They said that she is not technically cancer free until she has negative tests every 3 to 4 months for the next 3 to 5 years. So she defintely still has a ways to go, but she is doing well! She is much happier about the chemo treatments this time around if she has to have them, because the last time she had chemo she was on it 24/7. She had a bag or something that was attached to her all the time and this chemo will be once every 3 weeks, which she likes, because she hated the 24/7 chemo treatments.

Other than that, she is doing great. She still gets a little tired, she can't eat whatever she wants, she has to be careful, which stinks for her, because the stuff she cannot eat, like veggies and crackers, because they are soo rough on the throat, she had asphogus cancer, those kinds of foods she loved the most!

But, I am always thinking about her and hoping and praying that she gets better and stronger everyday!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday...another Christmas party today!

We had Cory's mom's side of the family Christmas party today. There was defintely quite a few people there! We did white elephant gifts, which some were really nice and others were funny! We went around three times and their was 25 of us that were in it. The kids had their own gifts. We ended up with a little pocket knife, Mary Kay lotions and the little socks that have each toe seperated, some old fashioned kleenex box holder, which Cory liked for some reason?! A little cinnamon bun candle, a picture frame and a little notebook of paper with a pen. There were all kinds of different goodies being passed around and traded for. Cookies, peanuts, a transformer and a little grill, kind of like a George Foreman grill. There were a bunch of things also that weren't traded like a Simpson puzzle, some wooded lady that you put trash bags in and you pull out from the looks worse than it sounds! LMAO. We all got a kick out of that. There was also chia pets, work gloves, finger puppets and christmas ornament candle sets. It was a lot of fun, we got many many laughs out of it!

Okay, the weather today...CRAZY!! It was like 60 degrees today, all our snow and ice is gone. It is suppose to rain some more tonight and have high winds! We have the high winds and it was starting to sprinkle when we got home! This darn Michigan weather!! I am fine with the snow right now because it is winter...this 60 degree day really messes me

So I ran to town really quick to pick up a few things before going to the party, because I needed baked beans and things for a green bean casserole, was crazy out in the stores, because no one was out yesterday, because it was soooo crummy yesterday. Everything was a sheet of ice yesterday...I about went in the ditch four times from when I got off the highway and got home and it's only like three to five miles. It was nuts. I tried to run in to town and grab a few things from the day after Christmas and a two hour trip turned into a four hour trip. I left and got at Wal-mart when they opened at 6am and grabbed some wrapping paper, some ribbon, a wrapping paper box, which the paper rolls don't even fit in because they are too tall...go figure....a video game that Cory wanted and a few other little things. Well when I got out it started to rain a little bit, no biggie I ran to Meijer really quick and me being stupid locked my car and couldn't get back into it! My driver door takes a different key to unlock because I got hit and had to put in a new door, well my key works for the passenger side and it unlocked, but wouldn't open! So, I called my parents because they thought the door was frozen because it was freezing rain and everything, I mean EVERYTHING, was just a solid sheet of ice now! So, I had an automatic unlock pad for my car and I haven't used it in forever, because I do not usually lock my doors, that was the brain fart of the day! So, I run back into Meijer to see if they had any batteries for the keypad...nope, of course out of the ones I needed! Day is going great!! LOL So, I called mom and dad and told them to come up and they ran me to Wal-mart to grab some batteries for the keypad and what do you know....IT WORKED!!! Come to find out the latch for the door was sticking and wouldn't budge for some unknown reason!

So, I told myself I am no longer shopping at Meijer, because obviously nothing comes good from that place! Couldn't get my door open, it was freezing rain, they had no batteries for my keypad! Yeah defintely done with them....PLUS...Cory works for a Wal-mart Distribution Center, so I would rather buy from Wal-Mart anyways and keep him in business!

Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas was great!! We had Christmas here first, then we went to my mom and dad's and then to my mom's side of the family.

I was up early, finishing wrapping a couple of gifts for the dog and for my sister's husband, since I had to idea how to wrap a gas I got Cory out of bed and we did gifts. I gave him the new Norelco razor, a bluetooth earpiece for his phone, more memory for his phone and so he can put music on his phone, a bag of candy, some underwear, which were too bad!! I also gave him Lucky # Slevin DVD, 21 DVD, Leatherheads DVD and Burn After Reading DVD. I also got him a USC sweatshirt, 2 long sleeve black shirts and a gift card to one of the local car washes.

He surprised me with gifts, because he was not suppose to get my anything. He already got me something, but it is not in yet. It was a special order thing and it was suppose to be in in two weeks and it has almost been a month. :(

But, he got me the Aerosmith guitar hero for the games never get old to me because I do not play them that I also got an ice tea maker and a juicer, which I was totally excited about! He also got me an authentic Brandon Inge jersey, who plays for the Detroit Tigers! My favorite player!! Even more excited!!

After we did gifts, we got around and headed over to my parents house for brunch! It was delicious. We had waffles, biscuits and gravy, bacon, sausage and eggs.

After brunch we did gifts. In our stockings from "Santa" we got a bag of Reese's peanut butter cups, a heavy duty ice cream scooper, some other chocolate. We always get an orange and a pear or apple, which we got a pear this year in the bottom of our stockings. Cory got oil for his weedwacker. I also got the Princess Diaries I & II and some dish towels. I think that is it for the stockings from what I can AS for gifts, I got the Stretch You Imagination cricut cartridge, a cricut tool kit and the cricut toolbox, which I was also very excited about! I got some really soft socks and a new pair of jeans. I got a bunch of movies, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, the old version of The Parent Trap, Calamity Jane and Heavyweights. I also got some waterproof boots, some tea bags for the ice tea maker mom also bought me, which she is going to take back and get me a hand mixer hopefully. I think that is

Cory got some DVD's as well...he got The Guardian, O brother, Where Art Thou and National Treasure II. He also got his annual Cinnamon candles that he He got a battery charge, some work lights that are little and sit on the floor, a floor jack, some shorts and a PS3 dual shock controller and I think that is it for

Mom got the new Cricut Expression, I gave her a bunch of paper and other scrapbooking supplies. She also got a Radio/Alarm clock from all of us and dad gave her some things from him as well. We got dad a MP3 player with an arm band so he can ride his bike and list to music rather than an ol' skool CD disc player that he says keeps falling out of his We gave Aaron a MSU shirt, which he is a U of M and Notre Dame fan, but I am a MSU fan and they go to MSU games, so I thought he could support the green and white! LOL. We also gave him Larry the Cable Guy Health Inspector DVD. He is 14 and is into all that farting and burping crap and loves that movie! Hoping he grows out of that someday, but being a boy, I doubt

We got Jaime a bunch of paper for scrapbooking and supplies. I also made her an 8x8 album from her baby shower that was in May and I also made her recipes and dividers for the recipe box I gave her! Her little boy, Connor, my godson, we got a few t-shirts for. They are a little bigger like 2T and 3T, but she said they had a lot of little baby clothes, not a lot of clothes above 12 months. As for the hubby, wegave him a gas can.

Overall, Christmas was great! The weather was decent. A few patches of black ice on the way to the grandparents and home, but it was great seeing everyone and spending time with them. I just love the holidays!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Not too much going on today. I got up at 5am to see Cory off to work. Then I started catching up on my ER's and Army Wives shows, since I have not watched them in forever. I just record them and watch them whenever I feel like

Then I met my dad in town for breakfast and then we ran to Wal-mart and Meijer for a couple of things for brunch tomorrow and a few last minute things. What a mad house the stores were!! was raining on top of that, so all the carts were wet, the floors were wet, my feet were was just a crummy weather day and we are suppose to get some snow tonight/tomorrow.

After spending a couple of hours with dad, which he needed, he seemed kind of down lately. He just got over having food poisoning, his work computer crashed, so he can't use his USB slots, which means no printer or anything like that, which is extremely important for him to have, since he prints sooo much stuff off for work. But, he just seemed down lately. Mom doesn't know why, she noticed it can tell in his voice and the way he looks sometimes. But I had a fun time with him today. We sat and talked over eggs and toast then we went around Wal-mart and Meijer for a little bit.

But after spending a couple of hours with dad.....I came home and watched a couple more of my ER's, played around on the computer and just relaxed.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2009 New Year's Resolution

Well I know it is a little early for New Year's Resolutions, but I thought I would compile my list, which is kinda long for Resolutions for the year. But some of them are little ones, which other ones are big resolutions, at least in my mind they are!

1.) Keep in touch with everything at least once every other week, if not every week by email
2.) Blog everyday. (I really dropped blogging for some reason and I would like to get back into it!)
3.) Finishing my mom and dad's scrapbook
4.) Catch up mine and Cory's scrapbook
5.) Stay organized longer
6.) Journal more
7.) Do dishes everyday, not every other day or every two
8.) Loose weight
9.) Put finished layouts in albums
10.) Spend less!!!!
11.) Use more stamps on layouts
12.) Do more pages this upcoming here than I did this year
13.) Eat healthier
14.) Stick with the diet
15.) Exercise or at least walk everyday
16.) NO pop or energy drinks (which I have already started and am going on 2 weeks with no pop or energy drinks!!)

My big resolutions are:
*Losing weight, because I love chocolate and ice cream and I tend to snack sometimes when I get bored and not always with good snacks.
*Not drinking pop and energy drinks, which I have already started doing, which is a bonus, but I really want to stick with it!
*Eating healthier, always a challenge!
*Exercising or at least walking everyday, which for some reason I always have a problem with. It seems like when I get home from work, I just want to relax or there is so much to do around the house, that I am like walk or
*Finishing my mom and dad's scrapbook....soooo much to do...starting from 1980 and working up til now! Which is hard because they keep taking soo many pictures, and I just never seem to get anywhere, because I add more pictures to the collection, than I can get **Pulling out hair**

OMG!! It's been forever! Updates!

Oh my goodness, well it has been forever, since I have been on here! It has been about three months and a lot has happened in the last three months!

Starting lil' nephew Connor....what a cutie pie! I call him my little pumpkin or buddha. He is a chunky little thing, but a cutie! He is getting soo big and he can eat too!! He is always smiling it seems like. Since a happy little boy!

My brother is he getting big!! I mean height wise. He is pushing 6 feet! I am probably fit almost both of my feet in his shoe! He is wearing a size 12 shoe and is in 7th grade! He is growing soo fast. I see him quite a bit, but his height and shoe size just amazes me everytime!

My mom and dad are doing great! Dad is still working from home! He is a biek fanatic!! He is crazy with the bike. He has lost a lot of weight and looks better and he says he feels sooo much better. He just bought a bike like what they ride in the tour de france. He said he wants to get up to riding 100 miles a day. I am trying to get him to ride in the hilly hundred, but we will see....My mom is working at the college. The kids are on break so it is a little more quite around there. She has been sick lately. She was actually suppose to babysit the grandson but became sick, so I went over to mom and dad's house and got to babysit the little guy for the day while Aaron and Nick went hunting for a couple of hours. Which they got nothing. Mom and dad finally got their Christmas decorations up the day before their lil' towns Christmas decorating contest. We haven't heard if they have won or not, but it's a 100 dollars, so it's nice, because every little bit helps!

My sister is working at Toys R Us part-time for right now, until she can find a better job. She wants to go back to school and do nursing now. She is doing good, she has lost quite a bit of her babyfat, which she is super psyched about. Her wedding reception is in April. So, she is starting to get around for that....very very very invites out yet, no party favors started, nothing. I should say mom and dad have started getting it around!

Her husband Nick is....well...Nick. I don't have anything else to really say about him. He is just working full-time at his job, which he works like 3 or 4 days a week for 12 hours or something like that.

My aunt Lin, who had asphagus cancer is doing great! We went down there for Thanksgiving, well I should say, me, mom, dad, Aaron and the dog Cocoa went down there for Thanksgiving. Jaime doesn't do anything too much with us anymore unless it fits in her schedule. She doesn't really rearrange things around like me and Cory do. Anyways...touchy subject there! We went down to Aunt Lin's house and she has lost sooo much weight. She is sooo little now! She does better. She has great energy and a great view on life! We all went shopping the day after Thanksgiving. We were out and at the stores when they opened at 4am. My mom and me went to JCPenney and Aunt Lin and Dad went to Wal-mart to grab a few things when they could at 5am!

Cory is doing great! Such a sweetheart! And does everything I tell him to do....LMAO...just kidding. He is just working. He did work some overtime a couple of weeks ago and wow was it nice to have those checks!! He is playing co-ed volleyball with me this winter, so that should be interesting with the team we through together to play. We are in the lowest league at the recreation center which is great because we are just playing for fun and to get us out of the house throughout the winter over the weekend! We like to be hermits during the winter because it has been sooo cold!!

I am doing great. I have offically been working at my current job for over a year now. Which is good and sad at the same time! I was hoping to be teaching by now, but money is tight and school is soo expensive to start back up right now. But someday, I hope I will be teaching. I want to start taking one class every semester til I finish by degree, which at that pace could be 2 or 3 years. So, I am thinking with the online classes I may take 2 at a time, because they are easy and do not last that long and I do not have to drive anywhere, which is always the bonus!