Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas was great!! We had Christmas here first, then we went to my mom and dad's and then to my mom's side of the family.

I was up early, finishing wrapping a couple of gifts for the dog and for my sister's husband, since I had to idea how to wrap a gas I got Cory out of bed and we did gifts. I gave him the new Norelco razor, a bluetooth earpiece for his phone, more memory for his phone and so he can put music on his phone, a bag of candy, some underwear, which were too bad!! I also gave him Lucky # Slevin DVD, 21 DVD, Leatherheads DVD and Burn After Reading DVD. I also got him a USC sweatshirt, 2 long sleeve black shirts and a gift card to one of the local car washes.

He surprised me with gifts, because he was not suppose to get my anything. He already got me something, but it is not in yet. It was a special order thing and it was suppose to be in in two weeks and it has almost been a month. :(

But, he got me the Aerosmith guitar hero for the games never get old to me because I do not play them that I also got an ice tea maker and a juicer, which I was totally excited about! He also got me an authentic Brandon Inge jersey, who plays for the Detroit Tigers! My favorite player!! Even more excited!!

After we did gifts, we got around and headed over to my parents house for brunch! It was delicious. We had waffles, biscuits and gravy, bacon, sausage and eggs.

After brunch we did gifts. In our stockings from "Santa" we got a bag of Reese's peanut butter cups, a heavy duty ice cream scooper, some other chocolate. We always get an orange and a pear or apple, which we got a pear this year in the bottom of our stockings. Cory got oil for his weedwacker. I also got the Princess Diaries I & II and some dish towels. I think that is it for the stockings from what I can AS for gifts, I got the Stretch You Imagination cricut cartridge, a cricut tool kit and the cricut toolbox, which I was also very excited about! I got some really soft socks and a new pair of jeans. I got a bunch of movies, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, the old version of The Parent Trap, Calamity Jane and Heavyweights. I also got some waterproof boots, some tea bags for the ice tea maker mom also bought me, which she is going to take back and get me a hand mixer hopefully. I think that is

Cory got some DVD's as well...he got The Guardian, O brother, Where Art Thou and National Treasure II. He also got his annual Cinnamon candles that he He got a battery charge, some work lights that are little and sit on the floor, a floor jack, some shorts and a PS3 dual shock controller and I think that is it for

Mom got the new Cricut Expression, I gave her a bunch of paper and other scrapbooking supplies. She also got a Radio/Alarm clock from all of us and dad gave her some things from him as well. We got dad a MP3 player with an arm band so he can ride his bike and list to music rather than an ol' skool CD disc player that he says keeps falling out of his We gave Aaron a MSU shirt, which he is a U of M and Notre Dame fan, but I am a MSU fan and they go to MSU games, so I thought he could support the green and white! LOL. We also gave him Larry the Cable Guy Health Inspector DVD. He is 14 and is into all that farting and burping crap and loves that movie! Hoping he grows out of that someday, but being a boy, I doubt

We got Jaime a bunch of paper for scrapbooking and supplies. I also made her an 8x8 album from her baby shower that was in May and I also made her recipes and dividers for the recipe box I gave her! Her little boy, Connor, my godson, we got a few t-shirts for. They are a little bigger like 2T and 3T, but she said they had a lot of little baby clothes, not a lot of clothes above 12 months. As for the hubby, wegave him a gas can.

Overall, Christmas was great! The weather was decent. A few patches of black ice on the way to the grandparents and home, but it was great seeing everyone and spending time with them. I just love the holidays!!

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