Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday...another Christmas party today!

We had Cory's mom's side of the family Christmas party today. There was defintely quite a few people there! We did white elephant gifts, which some were really nice and others were funny! We went around three times and their was 25 of us that were in it. The kids had their own gifts. We ended up with a little pocket knife, Mary Kay lotions and the little socks that have each toe seperated, some old fashioned kleenex box holder, which Cory liked for some reason?! A little cinnamon bun candle, a picture frame and a little notebook of paper with a pen. There were all kinds of different goodies being passed around and traded for. Cookies, peanuts, a transformer and a little grill, kind of like a George Foreman grill. There were a bunch of things also that weren't traded like a Simpson puzzle, some wooded lady that you put trash bags in and you pull out from the looks worse than it sounds! LMAO. We all got a kick out of that. There was also chia pets, work gloves, finger puppets and christmas ornament candle sets. It was a lot of fun, we got many many laughs out of it!

Okay, the weather today...CRAZY!! It was like 60 degrees today, all our snow and ice is gone. It is suppose to rain some more tonight and have high winds! We have the high winds and it was starting to sprinkle when we got home! This darn Michigan weather!! I am fine with the snow right now because it is winter...this 60 degree day really messes me

So I ran to town really quick to pick up a few things before going to the party, because I needed baked beans and things for a green bean casserole, was crazy out in the stores, because no one was out yesterday, because it was soooo crummy yesterday. Everything was a sheet of ice yesterday...I about went in the ditch four times from when I got off the highway and got home and it's only like three to five miles. It was nuts. I tried to run in to town and grab a few things from the day after Christmas and a two hour trip turned into a four hour trip. I left and got at Wal-mart when they opened at 6am and grabbed some wrapping paper, some ribbon, a wrapping paper box, which the paper rolls don't even fit in because they are too tall...go figure....a video game that Cory wanted and a few other little things. Well when I got out it started to rain a little bit, no biggie I ran to Meijer really quick and me being stupid locked my car and couldn't get back into it! My driver door takes a different key to unlock because I got hit and had to put in a new door, well my key works for the passenger side and it unlocked, but wouldn't open! So, I called my parents because they thought the door was frozen because it was freezing rain and everything, I mean EVERYTHING, was just a solid sheet of ice now! So, I had an automatic unlock pad for my car and I haven't used it in forever, because I do not usually lock my doors, that was the brain fart of the day! So, I run back into Meijer to see if they had any batteries for the keypad...nope, of course out of the ones I needed! Day is going great!! LOL So, I called mom and dad and told them to come up and they ran me to Wal-mart to grab some batteries for the keypad and what do you know....IT WORKED!!! Come to find out the latch for the door was sticking and wouldn't budge for some unknown reason!

So, I told myself I am no longer shopping at Meijer, because obviously nothing comes good from that place! Couldn't get my door open, it was freezing rain, they had no batteries for my keypad! Yeah defintely done with them....PLUS...Cory works for a Wal-mart Distribution Center, so I would rather buy from Wal-Mart anyways and keep him in business!

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