Monday, July 21, 2008

2peas Challenge~~How do you store photos that you do no use in scrapbooking?

How do you store photos that you do no use in scrapbooking?

I try not to have too many photos left over when scrapbooking. I try to order just what I need to scrap. Where if I took pictures of my dad's birthday, I would get 2 made, one for my book and one for my mom and dad's. It all just depends on what the pictures are. If I do have left over pictures, I usually put them in a photo box or the plastic 4x6 sleeves.

Well....not much is going on this week. Worked today. Yesterday, I was going to scrapbook, I only ended up getting one page done, because I looked around and was like I really need to clean this place up. So, I ended up doing the dishes, laundry, cleaning the bathroom, livingroom, bedroom, swept the floors, moved some things around. Put away dishes, cleaned up the refrigerator, put away my pots and pans that I have had for years and have never used. So I thought I would get them out in case one day I may actually want to use the rest of

Other than that not much going on. My sister's baby, Connor Lee, turned about two weeks ago and now she finally dropped. She is due August 9th, so I am sooo excited to see my little nephew! I am sooo excited to be an aunt too!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

2peas Challenge~~For today's challenge, what is something about people (in general) that really irritates you?

What is something about people (in general) that really irritates you?

Boy oh boy where do I start? LOL. I have totally been irritated with some people lately! Especially at work!!

Some things that irritate my in general about people are the ones that treat everyone like they are dumb or that they think they know more than they think they do. Also, I love (sarcasm) it when people talk loud when there is no need for it indoors especially when you are on the phone talking with someone. Oh...and...when people do not put shit back when they are done with it and just leave it laying around.

I just get to the point now when I am irritated about something or someone, I just leave it alone or the person and do not talk to them and do not worry about it. My patience is very thin lately, especially for people that treat people like they are idiots. Oh yeah, I also get irritate with people that think they do sooo much and in reality they do not do much at all or just do not give a crap about what they are doing or who they are hurting.

Sorry, everyone, this is my vent right now. People have been irritating the crap out of me lately because my patience for certain people has just disappeared.

Well, moving on.....away from the venting....Nothing too much going on. The weather has been very hot and muggy. Just been working 6 days a week and trying to enjoy my Sunday's off when I can.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I wanted to wish my younger sister a Happy Belated Birthday! I called her yesterday to wish her a happy birthday, but didn't get to talk to her! She is turning 23!

We are going to mom and dad's today to celebrate Jaime's birthday. Which usually consists of eating a huge meal, Jaime's cake and presents, and then sitting around looking through ads for a little bit. Nothing too exciting but the whole family enjoys it!

Not too much else has been going on. Working six days a week from 8am til 5pm or a little bit after 5pm. After work I just pretty much go home and relax, play some video games, watch television, or do a few little things around the house.

For the fourth of July, Me, mom and Jaime went to the cottage, just us three girls, and scrapped all weekend, oh yea and Cocoa the dog, who is also a girl, so the four of us girls went to the I went up Thursday after work with mom and Cocoa and we went into town, picked up a few things and went out to eat. We got all our stuff ready to go to scrap and we started a little bit, but did not get much done.

On Friday, Jaime came up to the cottage. The goal for the weekend was to get Jaime's wedding album done so we would have it for next year at the reception. (Long story short: We had a small wedding for her, 30 people and a little reception. She was pregnant when she got married, so she wanted to get married before having the baby. So, next year on the same date, she is having a wedding reception where there will be a ton more people) So, we wanted to get the album done so it can be on display next year at the reception.

So, we worked on it all day Friday and all day Saturday. Well, most of Saturday, we took a few hours and ran into town because we ran out of the colors we were doing her book in. Which were black, white and maroon (her actual wedding color was Apple). But we did almost get it done! When I left Saturday night, they had maybe 25 pages to decorate and that was it and then they were done. The book was over 60 pages long, so I thought we did damn well, considering, we did this in a weekend!

I can honestly say that we have never gotten an entire album or even that many pages done in the time that we did. We did a 12x12 album and the pages and the decorating looked gorgeous for the wedding album. Not too full but not bare looking either!

Other than the fourth, not too much has been going on. Jaime's baby, Connor Lee, has turned so it is just a matter of time before the baby comes. Her actual due date is August 9th, so we will see how close she is to her due date.

Work is going okay. Lots of hours, but I need the money, so it is worth it. There are days where I get there and are more than ready to go home and pray that 5pm rolls around very quick! I do have lots to keep me busy at work, but everyone has those days, I'm sure, where you just do not want to do anything and are ready to go home the minute you walk in the