Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's Defintely Been A While!!!

Well, it has been quite some time since I have blogged and since I actually have nothing going on today, thought I might as well!

Things have been crazy!! Working 50-60 hours a week at work, planning my sister's baby shower and working on invitations, favors, decorations, etc...for her shower which is on May 31st! Totally excited. Right now I think we have 10 people coming that we know of that have called, me, my mom, or my sister. I have a feeling my sister's husband side of the family will just show up, which kind of pisses me off! I have made over 65 invitations to send out...crazy!! My mom and I are working on her favors for the party, which are the little baby bottles with candy in them. Then we made a tag for them, put some blue and white ribbon on them and a little 'It's A Boy' charm on them...they are super cute. I hope to get pictures on here of them. I am still working on her wedding

Other than working and planning her baby shower. Not much else is going on. Went shopping yesterday in Jackson, got some cute cute cute stuff for my sister as a baby shower gift for Connor Lee!! I just love that name!! I also picked up some things for me as well...Victoria Secret perfume, since I am totally out of perfume, had to get some. Unfortunately they don't have the kind I like anymore, at least that I know of, they did not have it in the store, I had to get something else, but I like that just as much! I am catching up on laundry, doing a little bit of cleaning, since I just walk in and throw stuff down somedays, so I need to pick it up so it's a little bit more presentable! I am also going to be doing some scrapbooking today!! YAY!!! We are suppose to have co-ed volleyball, but I guess two of our guys, which we are playing 4 on 4 co-ed volleyball right now, are playing in a tournament and their next game is at 7:15 or 7:30 and our volleyball game is at 7:30, so I am not at all excited about possibly not playing tonight, when we only have 6 games this season because it's 4 on 4.

Two Peas Challenge:
If you could follow someone around for one day (unseen), who would it be and why?

If I could follow someone around for one day and not be seen I would follow around The President of the United States of America because I am curious what in the world he does all day. I am also curious of their meetings inside the White House and how those go about daily. I also want to see what the inside of the entire White House looks like! I am curious just how much sleep the President and his wife actually gets and if the President does more of the decision making the nation or if his wife has quite a bit input and decision making. Mainly, I am curious about everything the President does!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Two Peas Challenge and some rambling

You win a scholarship to go back to school for any four-year degree you want. What will you study?

If I could go back to school for any four-year degree I would go back and study for becoming a doctor or a dentist. I know it would take more than four years, but if my first 4 years are paid for then I would gladly pay for the rest, because I would make up for it after I got my

Honestly, if I only had four years and after four years that was it, I would go back to be a teacher. Which is what I want to do now, but I have not quite finished everything to become a teacher in the state of Michigan. I kind of gave up after I got booted

Anyways.....the weather has been crazy. It was a nice day temperature wise, but it has been raining on and off....some sprinkling, some thunder and lightening, and just some down pouring! It has been a crazy past couple of weeks. Last week it was in the low 50's, even got down to 28 degrees one night.

Not too much else going on other than working. I am working 6 days this week, I have to work tomorrow 8am til 5pm :( My weekends are very very short, but I make decent money, which I defintely need for student loans!