Friday, April 25, 2008

What A Week!!!!

What a week it has been!!! Especially at work!

Work is just crazy...I work for a pontoon place, they do re-deck's, sell all kinds of goodies for your pontoon and other things not so much for pontoons, like dog vests, dog ladders, and tubes for tubing and so much more! Well anyways....our open house started yesterday, Thursday and runs through Sunday. This is the only Sunday we will work throughout the year, but we are working from Monday through next Saturday. We are working 13 out of 14 days!! It's crazy!! But the open house is going great, we have fre refreshments from hotdogs on the grill to a veggie tray, donuts, and popcorn and pop!! It's a lot of fun. This is my first time every experiencing this, so it could be a real treat tomorrow, Saturday!

Anyways...the weather has been gorgeous here in good ol' Michigan. It was about 80 degrees today, but guess what?!?! Next week we have a day calling for snow showers and a couple of 40 degree highs next week...go figure!! I love Michigan.

As for my sister's baby shower, my mom told my aunt about how I felt and I am going back to what I originally wanted to do, which I am happy about, because she is my sister and it is my nephew. So I am slowly getting things around for that. I have 16 invitations done out of about 60. We are doing both sides of the family, which we will see how that goes, and her friends from school and whoever else she wanted, so we have about 60 people for now. Whether or not all 60 show up, who knows!!

Not much else is going on right now, just work, work, and some stuff for Jaime's baby

Have a great rest of the night!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Two Peas In A Bucket Daily Challenge: Whats the last good movie you say? What did ya like about it?

The last good movie I saw was actually last night at my parent's house, me, my Aunt Linda, Aunt Sue, and my mom watched The Gameplan with the Rock. It was soooo cute! I just loved the whole movie...I thought the Rock was funny, the little girl was cute, kind of a brat sometimes throughout the movie, but it was a very cute movie. This is defintely one that I will be buying and watching over and over again. I really liked the ending as well! (Which I won't say anything about in case people have not seen the movie and would like to!) I don't want to spoil it for others!

Not much happening today. We, me, my mom, Aunt Sue, and Aunt Linda, got things around a little better and more organized for the baby shower that I am throwing for my sister. I wanted to do it myself, but with the way work is going and by time I get home at night I am not in the mood to be planning a shower, so I asked the three of them to help pick some things up for me, since the date is getting closer and closer! I had one baby shower invitation done, as an example, and thought it looked good, well now I guess we are doing a safari themed baby shower, since my sister is doing the baby's room in a safari theme. Not too excited about it but whatever. I was not in the mood to argue with anyone yesterday!

So, I guess today after I take a walk and shower I am going to have to design the baby shower invitations all over again, because I do want to scrapbook them rather than buy them or print them off the computer! So that is probably pretty much my day right now!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Sister's Wedding!!

WOW!! What a great day yesterday! My younger sister got married yesterday at 4:30pm! It was a great day....long....but great!
Our Aunt Sue and Uncle Ken from Grand Rapids came down. Our Aunt Linda from Columbus came up, unfortunately her husband, our Uncle Dave, could not get off work, so he missed the wedding. So they have been up here at the parent's house since Wednesday and Thursday helping get things around for her favors, cooking the food, since they just made the food for the wedding, decorations, etc....
Jaime and Nick's wedding was a very small. Immediate family, grandparent's, aunts and uncles, and for his side his close friends, because he had his mom and dad, brother, who was his best man, both grandma's and two aunts and the rest were close friends. They each had about 10-15 people both sides. Our side had Grandpa and Grandma-Teddy (my mom's parents), Aunt Judy (my mom's sister), Aunt Sue and Uncle Ken (Aunt Sue is our dad's sister) Aunt Linda (Also my dad's sister), Sherry, Russ, and Casey Face, who we consider our other family down the road. Sherry took all the pictures with help from her hubby Russ. Of course our younger brother, Aaron.
I went to work from 7:30am til noon and then went and picked up Jaime at my mom and dad's house and we went over to Hillsdale and got our hair done at Attitude's. 90 dollars to get our hair done plus tips! Crazy! After we went to Attitudes, I went and dropped Jaime off at the parent's house and I went back to work for an hour and a half (I was on OT all day and I need the money!) Then about 3pm I left and went to the church. Jaime and I sat around in the nursery for a little bit while people came in and out to see her realy quick before the wedding.
Sherry took pictures while we got dressed, nothing revealing, well other than Nick, she walked in toe get pictures and he was in his boxers, so he struck a pose and she came down and told us about it and we just laughed.
We started getting around, it takes Jaime about 20 minutes to get in her dress, because it had to be laced down the back, but it was a gorgeous dress!
Then after getting around, getting her laced up, I got dressed, mom got dressed, we put flowers on everyone, the grandparents, aunts, parents, etc...well not everyone, but pretty close.
Finally, we got the show on the
The ceremony was great, it was about 30 minutes maybe a few minutes longer, which I loved and my feet defintely loved!! LOL
After the ceremony we went outside for a little bit for a few pictures since it was such a gorgeous day out! We then proceeded back into the sanctuary for pictures with the families, while others went to the room where the reception was being held. We had soooooo many pictures taken!
I went through them and there is probably over 450 on one disc just from the wedding day, pictures with all the families, reception, etc...Plus, the rehearsal pictures from the night before and pictures from everyone else's cameras. I had a bunch taken with mine, Jaime had a bunch taken with hers, we have some from when we went and got our hair done on the old school camera with I bet we have over 700 pictures, which is great! I went through over 500 pictures last night between Sherry's disc from the day of the wedding, then I went through a bunch more picutres from the rehearsal and then what I had on my camera! I went through pictures for about 2 hours last night after I got home and put them on my computer, because my parent's want the disc's to get pictures made!
Okay, back to the wedding......Well after we got all the pictures done in the sanctuary we went to the place where the reception was, which was just another room in the church right by the kitchen. They had it set up very nice. One of the ladies from the church made the cake for Jaime and Nick free of charge, which was nice (but Jaime and Nick gave her money and a gift card and a great thank you card for making it) The cake was gorgeous. The four of us, Jaime and Nick, me and Adam (Nick's brother and best man) were at a table in the middle of everyone, since it was so small, they had it set up kind of like a "U" shape and had the four of us in the middle, so everyone just stared at us while eating and everything else. It was a little different. But we did have to do speeches. Nick's brother, Adam, wrote his speech on construction paper before the wedding. I wrote mine of the hellium ballon instructions in the kitchen while people were finishing up on their was pretty last minute for both of us...I got told about it Thursday and totally forgot about it! So, we both just kind of winged it, short and sweet pretty much!
Then they cut the cake, they were nice to one another, they did not shove it in each other's faces, which is what I thought they were going to do, but they were very nice to each other!
After the cake and people started clearing out, we went and finished up a few more pictures with Aunt Lin, Aunt Sue, and Uncle Ken, then we went and changed! YAY!! Jaime had to pee sooo bad, I think I got her unlaced in record time. Well, being pregnant, when you gotta go you gotta go right?! LOL
So, we got out of our dressed and back into our comfy clothes that we came in and picked up downstairs and headed upstairs. Jaime and Nick got around and they were heading to Birch Run and Frankenmouth for their honeymoon right now. They did not want to fly anywhere with Jaime being over 5 months pregnant, plus she is not quite done with school yet. She is a Senior in college. She actually has graduation next Sunday, so it will be a busy couple of weekends for her!
But anyways, they got comfy, said goodbye to everyone else that was there and took off. Nick's friends decorated their car with a bunch of beer cans on the back and writing on the window's and who knows
So, we stayed after and helped clean up and ran through the church really quick to make sure everything was in place. It took us all about an hour maybe an hour and a half to get everything cleaned up, swept, mopped, dishes washed and all the vehicles packed, which is not too bad I don't think.
So overall, it was a great night and a gorgeous wedding, long day, but it was well worth it!

*************Pictures to follow soon*************

Friday, April 11, 2008



Well, today I turned 25 years old...a quarter of a century as my parent's keep saying! LOL Not much going on for my birthday. I had to work, I actually got out at 5pm today!!

I went to my mom and dad's house and spent some time there today after work. Mom and dad are working on the house since we have relatives coming down for my sister's wedding which is this Friday already!! Crazy how fast time flies!!

My mom hurt her back she is in quite a bit of pain and has to wear a back brace! Dad is working at my sister's house, he was heading out as I was leaving to put their kitchen cabinets in! And my younger brother Aaron was going with him to help him out a litte bit.

I am hoping to do some scrapbooking and get my sister's baby shower invitations, at least, started and like a demo and then I have to go buy more supplies of the ones I like the best. I am doing all different colors and designs for her baby shower invitations, so I am excited about that!

Hope you all have a great night!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

100 Questions I Want Answered Part 2

Well I finally finished my 100 Questions I want answered swap from It took longer than I thought it would! I read back through my questions and some of them I cannot see ever being answered, which is fine, while others are probably more opinion questions than anything.

Well, the weather is is has been crummy all day...raining, thunder, dark....kind of depressing actually!! But that is Michigan weather for ya!!

Other than that not much else is going on....just working my butt off!!

Have a nice night!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

100 Questions I Want Answered

I am part of swap-bot and I am in a swap that has to do with a list of 100. The swap is to do a list of 100 questions that I want answered. They can be any 100 questions. I just put down whatever popped in my head. For tonight, I started at 100 and worked my way back to 50. It is not as easy as it seems, at least I did not think so. That is why I only did 50 for the night and will do 50 hopefully tomorrow night!

The website for the list of 100 is located under my websites! It is a great website and everyone should check it out!

Other than that, I have just been working. I already have 30 hours in this week! It is good money though and I defintely need it!

The weather was nice and now it is just plain crummy. It is not suppose to be above 60 degrees in the next ten days. How crappy :'( Oh well, I do live in Michigan, so I do not expect anything

Not much else is really going on. Mainly working!!

Have a wonderful rest of the night!!