Saturday, March 29, 2008

NCAA Sweet 16 in Detroit

Well, we, me, Cory, Mike, Shanna, and Paul, went to the NCAA Men's Sweet 16 in Detroit yesterday!! The games were a lot of fun!! We watched Davidson vs. Wisconsin and Kansas vs. Villanova!

The first game was Davidson and Wisconsin which was a great game I thought!! I am defintely a fan of Stephen Curry this year!! He is a great basketball player with a baby face! LOL He really does have a baby face, but he is a great basketball player!! Even though it was like a 17 point basketball game it was a great game to watch!

The second game was Kansas and Villanova, which was good for a little bit, then Kansas just took control and it got out of hand! There were so many plays that Kansas did that we all thought would be on ESPN and were!! It seemed like there were a lot of dunks on Kansas' end!!

We had at the Grapevine for lunch/dinner which was in the Greek Casino and then Shanna, Mike, and Paul played poker and gambled for a while. Gambling is defintely something that I cannot get into and defintely does not appeal to me whatsoever!

We got home about 4 this morning and then watched a little bit of ESPN to see what highlights were on about the games! Yup, there were quite a few from the Kansas/Villanova game!!

Tomorrow we are all going back to Detroit to watch the Elite 8 game, Davidson vs. Kansas and I am defintely cheering for Davdison!!!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

What a crappy day weather wise!!

WOW!! What a crappy day weather wise!! It was raining and now it is snowing :( I was sooo hoping that winter was done officially and spring was here!! I am sick of snow and the cold weather!! The ground is covered with a blanket of snow, there is no grass showing whatsoever now :(

Other than the weather it was a pretty decent day!

Not too much going on...going to the sweet 16 in Detroit tomorrow and the Elite 8 on Sunday!!! I am defintely beyond excited about it!!!!

This weekend scrapbooking wise, I am aiming at getting some of my sister's baby shower invitations done so I can see how they are going to look! Pretty much a trial run for her baby shower invitations this weekend with colors, wording, and everything like that!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's Been A While.....

It has definitely been a while since I have blogged, so I thought it was about time!

Not too much going on…just working 5 days a week, some weeks I am working Saturdays for a couple of hours, but hey, it’s good money and I definitely need that!!

Women’s recreation volleyball is done!! We took second in state. Unfortunately I was not able to go, I had to work….I was really bummed about that, but I figured, ya know, I need the money, so I might as well work! Even though while I was at work and bored out of my flippin’ mind I wish I was playing. There was supposed to be 9 of us for a recreation state volleyball tournament! In my mind, that is too many. That is a waste of a Saturday and money, because you have to rotate, which means you rotate out and sit out there turns with rally scoring! Anyways, enough about that!

We have a co-ed recreation tournament coming up on the 6th of April, which we are undefeated in league play, so it will be fun to just be able to let everyone swing away and not care about all the complaining from the other teams! Yeah there is a lot of complaining from other teams because of our men players on our team! It is just funny! All we can really do is laugh about it anymore!

I am still trying to kick this lovely sickness out of my system! I have had it for over a month and it is really irritating! Some days I feel great when I wake up and other days I feel like crap! It is still in my chest and just drives me bonkers!

I got my dress for my sister’s wedding altered last night, well I should say I went and got it looked at by the person who is altering it for me! I have to go back 2 days before the wedding to make sure it is all good, so I definitely hope it fits!! LOL

I found out yesterday afternoon that my sister is having a boy!! I am sooo excited…still wished for a girl, but that is okay!! So, now I can start to make her invitations and see how they look and start getting all the decorations and stuff around for her baby shower, which is at the end of May right now! She is actually due August 9th, so I am sooo excited that I am an aunt!!!

Oh lets see….what else has happened??

The weather has been off and on here. We did get like a foot of snow Friday and Saturday and now it is just mud…YUCK!!! I wish this weather would make up its mind on what it wants to do. I do not thin that it is suppose to be above 50 this week.

We are celebrating my grandpa’s 80th birthday on April 6th. This is my mom’s dad! We are throwing him a surprise birthday party, where the food is being catered by the place that we are having it which is in an inn that is about 5 minutes from my grandparents house, so that will be lots of fun!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

General Rambling....

Well once again it has been a while since I posted on here!! Things have been crazy busy!! I am planning my sister's baby shower which is in May or June. Yeah I know it's a little early to be planning the shower, but my hours at work are getting up there already! I worked about 54 hours this week! Which only means a nice paycheck!

Anyways....I am getting ideas and getting things in order for her shower. I pretty much know what I want to do, it is just putting everything together how I want it! LOL I am extremely excited to through her this shower and even more excited that I am going to be an aunt!! I AM HOPING IT'S A GIRL!!! :) We are having the shower at the church so that way my mom does not have to stress out about cleaning the house and then having people trample through it with their shoes!!

On top of work and planning this shower, I am suppose to have practice tonight for my women's recreation volleyball team, because we are going to state this weekend! Unfortantely my throat has been killing me since yesterday. Everyone at work has been sick the last two weeks and I was hoping I did not catch it, but right now it's not looking too promising! :(

Scrapbooking wise....I am working on finishing up my dad's Ecuador book then I am going to do some work on my mom and dad's book and my sister's baby shower invitations, since I have a lot of ideas for her invitations (which of course, are going to be handmade!)

Have a wonderful week!!