Thursday, March 27, 2008

What a crappy day weather wise!!

WOW!! What a crappy day weather wise!! It was raining and now it is snowing :( I was sooo hoping that winter was done officially and spring was here!! I am sick of snow and the cold weather!! The ground is covered with a blanket of snow, there is no grass showing whatsoever now :(

Other than the weather it was a pretty decent day!

Not too much going on...going to the sweet 16 in Detroit tomorrow and the Elite 8 on Sunday!!! I am defintely beyond excited about it!!!!

This weekend scrapbooking wise, I am aiming at getting some of my sister's baby shower invitations done so I can see how they are going to look! Pretty much a trial run for her baby shower invitations this weekend with colors, wording, and everything like that!!

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