Saturday, March 29, 2008

NCAA Sweet 16 in Detroit

Well, we, me, Cory, Mike, Shanna, and Paul, went to the NCAA Men's Sweet 16 in Detroit yesterday!! The games were a lot of fun!! We watched Davidson vs. Wisconsin and Kansas vs. Villanova!

The first game was Davidson and Wisconsin which was a great game I thought!! I am defintely a fan of Stephen Curry this year!! He is a great basketball player with a baby face! LOL He really does have a baby face, but he is a great basketball player!! Even though it was like a 17 point basketball game it was a great game to watch!

The second game was Kansas and Villanova, which was good for a little bit, then Kansas just took control and it got out of hand! There were so many plays that Kansas did that we all thought would be on ESPN and were!! It seemed like there were a lot of dunks on Kansas' end!!

We had at the Grapevine for lunch/dinner which was in the Greek Casino and then Shanna, Mike, and Paul played poker and gambled for a while. Gambling is defintely something that I cannot get into and defintely does not appeal to me whatsoever!

We got home about 4 this morning and then watched a little bit of ESPN to see what highlights were on about the games! Yup, there were quite a few from the Kansas/Villanova game!!

Tomorrow we are all going back to Detroit to watch the Elite 8 game, Davidson vs. Kansas and I am defintely cheering for Davdison!!!


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