Thursday, January 29, 2009


It has been sooo cold here lately!! It seems like we are just flying through heat lately!! It is suppose to be pretty cold this weekend and they said below zero near negative ten with the windchill this weekend. *crying*

Not too much going on. Attended a Lia Sophia party at my mom's house on Tuesday, which was a lot of fun...I just love their jewerly. She is getting really good deals for hosting the party and how much everyone bought and with all the orders that were placed...She is super excited as well about all the goodies she got and will get!

Duke lost last night, Wednesday, to Wake Forest!! YAY!! I use to be a huge Duke fan and than I could not watch them this year. They got away with murder on the court compared to what they were calling on the other team. A hand check for the other team and Duke would pretty much clobber someone and not get's ridiculous. So I am glad that they will lose their number 1 ranking! I am a HUGE UNC fan...always have been and always will be. I am a HUGE MSU fan also who is ranked 9th right now. I am watching them play Iowa right now and they are doing pretty good. They are up 8-0 right now with 16:30 left in the first half. I just love MSU!! Everyone in my family is a U of M fan, which it is fun to watch sports with them!

Work is going alright...It is frustrating. The boss/owner is negative right now because of the economy and everyone losing their jobs, which I can understand. But it just gets old and ticks me off. I am not going to go into anymore, because it is a sore subject for me and will just tick me off even more about work. I have much to say, but probably better not too!!

I posted a bunch of 12x12 layouts on the 2peas website that was done for my sister's wedding in April of 2008, which she is going to put on display at her reception in April of this year...long story there. But I got to wear my bridesmaid dress more than once! LOL. The 12x12 layouts were part of the upload 20 projects for $20 deal on 2peas, which was a huge thing and still is going on until the end of the month, I bleieve. You should all check out the board, it is a great board, has some downfalls when it comes to flaming people on their for their opinions, on their NSBR board, which has nothing to do with scrapbooking, it is the board that you talk about everything else on, but you will have that on every board.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Work & The Sun Is Out!!

Well, I have the day off of work today!! YIPEE!!! Soooo....We are just enjoying the day it's like 17 degrees out and only feels like 2 degrees. The coldness gets kind of depressing sometimes...but the sun is out today! So I am totally excited about that as well!

Last night we, me, Cory, Mike and Shanna, all went down to Auburn to go out to eat for Mike's birthday, which is actually today, at B-dubs (Buffalo Wild Wings). It was good, but man they are getting expensive and their alcoholic drinks sucked! Cory and Mike did long islands and they were just pure sweet and sour and it was suppose to be their top shelf drinks...yea I don't think margarita had more liquor in it than their long It was a lot of fun though! We probably go out to eat at least once a week together!

Not much else going on today...thinking about pulling out the scrapbooking stuff, but not really sure right now. I am still browsing the internet and talking on all the boards yet.

Cory is playing video games...he's on layoff again this week. We just got the PS3 hooked up the internet and for Mike's birthday we bought him a headset for the PS3 so him and Cory can talk crap to one another while they play online is actually pretty funny to listen to!! It is great entertainment! They are all excited about us getting it hooked up to the internet finally because now they don't have to drive to one another's house all the time to talk and play video games, they can play video games and talk over the headsets. It's kind of nice actually!

I am hoping to actually get some layouts posted on this blog, but it's just getting them done and uploaded to the computer that is kind of time consuming sometimes!

We ended up getting a new computer Saturday at Circuit City, since they are going out of business, we got 10 percent off a computer, since both of ours took a crap on us! I love it...We got a 22 inch monitor, flat panel that you can rotate 90 degrees and you can look at it long's so I just love moves sooo much faster!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

2peas Challenge & Other Ramblings

With the cold weather all over.

What are you doing to stay warm?

Well since it has been freezing here like no other. I just got home from a little scrapbooking get-to-together with my mom and a couple of other ladies and my car said -10 degrees and that is without the windchill!! BRRRRRR!!

Well...lets see....I don't know if I can really say I am staying warm, because I am cold all the time it seems like! I am in usually socks, slippers, flannel pajama pants and shirt and if that's not warm enough, I throw on a fleexe pullover and grab our huge comforter and wrap up in that! It just takes a lot right now to stay warm in this weather!! They said with the windchill tonight it was suppose to be like 35 below!!! CRAZY!!! As for staying warm once I leave the house, as long as I am in the new car...since my has no heat most of the time :( I crank the heater on high with the hottest heat and usually run it the entire time I am in the

Tonight, we did a get together at one of the girl's house that my mom goes to church with. There was me and my mom and three other ladies and some kids. It was nice, we scrapped from 6pm til 10pm. There is usually always more talking than scrapping, but we like to say we put the effort in when we get together...LOL I officially only got 4 pages done, but I also did not take most of my stuff...I literally walked out the door without any paper, luckily my mom brought hers!! LOL

Well, I hope everyone has a great night and that everyone stays warm!! I am actually going to browse the boards for a little more and than I am off to bed where I can stay warm!! LOL

Thursday, January 8, 2009

2peas Daily Challenge

Make a list of five ways you've changed in the last five years.

Oh lets the last five years I have changed by, well there is more than five:
1.) Being more open about my feelings
2.) Taking less crap from people
3.) Gotten heavier (fatter)
4.) Spend
5.) I listen better to people, even when I don't want to before I speak
6.) Less patience when it comes to things, such as dealing with stores or businesses on the phones that keep putting you on hold and transferring you
7.) A little bit more attitude than I use to have and I think that is because I am not doing what I want to be doing, career wise, which is teaching!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2peas Challenge

Are you involved in any clubs or extra-curricular activities?

I am involved in extra-curricular activities. I play co-ed volleyball at our local recreation center and up til Monday, I played women's volleyball at the rec center. The only reason I quit that, was because I am the manager or coach of our co-ed team and we got our schedule before Christmas, so I called everyone that Monday after Christmas, so I wouldn't interrupt any family things and let everyone know we were playing that upcoming Sunday, which everyone was thankful for the heads up that far in advance.
Well, my women's team did not call me until 4:30 Monday and I guess our game was at that does not fly with me and since I did not hear from them before I went to the rec center. (If I wanted my 30 bucks back,...yeah...30 bucks to play volleyball...i had to go that day, which was the last day, and tell them I was not playing). So, I went into the rec and told them that I needed taken off my women's team roster. Well, I have yet to tell them that I am not playing with them...I know that is not right...but the end of the fall season, did not end very well for me...we had 2 games right around Thanksgiving and we were out of town for both of those, so I said I would not be there...well they were kind of *itchy about it.

OTher than that I use to play women's softball and co-ed softball, but co-ed softball there were too many problems with other teams and as for the women' was hard getting a full team there every week, so it wasn't worth the money!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I love the weekends because.......

I love the weekends because it is my time. I don't have to go to work and listen to others telling me what to do or plainly just going to work! I can sit at home, watch TV, scrap, play on the computer, play video games, read, clean, and go wherever, whenever and not after I get out of work at 5 and it is almost dark.

I love the weekends because I get to stay up late, get up late or early, since on days I have nothing going on I am up early! On the weekends, I can get stay in my pajamas all day, I can shower anytime during the day or not shower at

I love the weekends because I can wear sweatpants and a t-shirt with slippers and not care how I look and just be comfortable all day! I also do not have to put make-up on or do my hair up, I can just throw it up in a clip or a pony tail.

I love the weekends because I have more time to make a nicer meal and I can take my time making it, rather than during the week, getting home and rushing to get a meal done before it gets too late. I can lay on my couch with a blanket and a book and just read all day or just lay on the couch with a blanket and watch TV all day.

I just love the weekends because there is rarely a schedule to follow!

Well, unfortunately my 18 day weekend is coming to an end :( I go back to work on Tuesday. Even though it is only a four day week with a three day weekend, that will not last long, soon I will be at six days a week and getting out anywhere between 5 and 6 and only having Sunday off! But, oh well it is good money.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Free 365 Project Kit....

I wanted to let everyone know that Happy Daisy, who is also a member of 2peas in a Bucket scrapbooking website (Polygirl), is giving away a free 365 project kit. Just go to her website: HAPPY DAISY and sign up to become a follower of her website for one chance to win and there is another way to get your name put into the drawing, for two chances for this marvelous project kit. Please go to her blog (listed above) and follow the guidelines to win a free kit!


Friday, January 2, 2009

Getting there....Slowly, but Surely!!

Well, I am getting there, slowly, but surely on my mom and dad's scrapbook. I have the Early Years, which is 1967 to 1983 completely done! That I am excited about! It is a long long lloonngg process to get this scrapbook done! I figure only 26 more years to go, which includes 2009!

Last night we watched the Capital One Bowl because my Spartans were playing, well I should say we flipped back and forth, but they lost :( Darn Spartans. I thought they were doing good for a while and then we flip back and they are all of a sudden losing, I am like what in the world are you boys doing? LOL. Oh well, they lost, at least they went to a bowl game!

We then watched, I mean flipped back and forth to the Rose Bowl game. This one was kind of a toughy for me, because I love USC, but I like the Big Ten also, well most of the Big Ten, I have some problems routing for Michigan and Ohio State! lol. But, I am glad to see that USC won the Rose Bowl, Penn State looked good for a while, but then all of a sudden just dropped and then the fourth quarter they started turning it back on, but it was only like the last couple of minutes and it was a little too late. The Rose Bowl, in my opinion, was not at all interesting. I like games that are close in scores and both teams are doing something, I am not a fan of lopsided games, unless it is Michigan or Ohio State losing...LMAO!!

Well, not much else going on today. Mom and my sister and probably her son, Connor, are going shopping and wanted me to go, but we just do not have the money to go shopping. We just put a bid in on a house and are waiting to hear from our realtor to see if our offer went through, which I really hope it did!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2peas Challenge

I am doing the 2peas daily blogging questions and today it was how did you bring in the new year?

Well, let me just tell you, we did nothing exciting!! Took a three hour nap and woke up at 8pm. I scrapped book until about 2am this morning. We watched the ball drop in Times Square at midnight and then we flipped to another channel to watch some Robbie guy, cannot think of his last name jump in Paris Las Vegas. He jumped ten stories or 99.90 feet or something like that UP, not down, but UP! Then he had to drop five stories down or something like that to get back down off the building. He had no problems going up the ramp onto the top of the building, but the drop down was a little more frightening! We thought he was going to dump it, because he came out a little too far when he hit the ramp and kind of leaned, but somehow managed to pull the bike back and land was crazy! They did show his hand though, he had a nice gash and looked like he broke his hand.

I admire the guy for taking the risks and everything and I understand that this is what he wants to do, but before he jumped they went through the list of broken, seperated and fractured things he has done....Yeah, let me tell you CRAZY!!! He has had sooo many things broken, fractured and everything else. If I was the man's mother, I would be a total reck, knowing that my child jumps off and up on top of buildings and has broken just about everything in his body that is possible and the fact that everytime he decides to jump could be his last! Oh and the same goes for the fiance of his, which I think is a little ditzy, but that is just me, she seemed kind of scattered brain, but she also was a nervous reck also, which probably made her not thinking right, because I was not at all following what she had to say, but that is me....many other people may think differently about her...but anyways...

So, it was a very uneventful night. I got eight pages scrapped from midnight to two. Which is not bad, but not great either in my mind.

Today, we are just sitting around, it is very cold out and the wind is picking up. We are watching the bowl games and Bones and I am scrapbooking and he is playing video games, so we are flipping back and forth between the video games, football games and Bones. Kind of annoying, but it works!