Thursday, January 29, 2009


It has been sooo cold here lately!! It seems like we are just flying through heat lately!! It is suppose to be pretty cold this weekend and they said below zero near negative ten with the windchill this weekend. *crying*

Not too much going on. Attended a Lia Sophia party at my mom's house on Tuesday, which was a lot of fun...I just love their jewerly. She is getting really good deals for hosting the party and how much everyone bought and with all the orders that were placed...She is super excited as well about all the goodies she got and will get!

Duke lost last night, Wednesday, to Wake Forest!! YAY!! I use to be a huge Duke fan and than I could not watch them this year. They got away with murder on the court compared to what they were calling on the other team. A hand check for the other team and Duke would pretty much clobber someone and not get's ridiculous. So I am glad that they will lose their number 1 ranking! I am a HUGE UNC fan...always have been and always will be. I am a HUGE MSU fan also who is ranked 9th right now. I am watching them play Iowa right now and they are doing pretty good. They are up 8-0 right now with 16:30 left in the first half. I just love MSU!! Everyone in my family is a U of M fan, which it is fun to watch sports with them!

Work is going alright...It is frustrating. The boss/owner is negative right now because of the economy and everyone losing their jobs, which I can understand. But it just gets old and ticks me off. I am not going to go into anymore, because it is a sore subject for me and will just tick me off even more about work. I have much to say, but probably better not too!!

I posted a bunch of 12x12 layouts on the 2peas website that was done for my sister's wedding in April of 2008, which she is going to put on display at her reception in April of this year...long story there. But I got to wear my bridesmaid dress more than once! LOL. The 12x12 layouts were part of the upload 20 projects for $20 deal on 2peas, which was a huge thing and still is going on until the end of the month, I bleieve. You should all check out the board, it is a great board, has some downfalls when it comes to flaming people on their for their opinions, on their NSBR board, which has nothing to do with scrapbooking, it is the board that you talk about everything else on, but you will have that on every board.

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