Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Work & The Sun Is Out!!

Well, I have the day off of work today!! YIPEE!!! Soooo....We are just enjoying the day it's like 17 degrees out and only feels like 2 degrees. The coldness gets kind of depressing sometimes...but the sun is out today! So I am totally excited about that as well!

Last night we, me, Cory, Mike and Shanna, all went down to Auburn to go out to eat for Mike's birthday, which is actually today, at B-dubs (Buffalo Wild Wings). It was good, but man they are getting expensive and their alcoholic drinks sucked! Cory and Mike did long islands and they were just pure sweet and sour and it was suppose to be their top shelf drinks...yea I don't think margarita had more liquor in it than their long It was a lot of fun though! We probably go out to eat at least once a week together!

Not much else going on today...thinking about pulling out the scrapbooking stuff, but not really sure right now. I am still browsing the internet and talking on all the boards yet.

Cory is playing video games...he's on layoff again this week. We just got the PS3 hooked up the internet and for Mike's birthday we bought him a headset for the PS3 so him and Cory can talk crap to one another while they play online is actually pretty funny to listen to!! It is great entertainment! They are all excited about us getting it hooked up to the internet finally because now they don't have to drive to one another's house all the time to talk and play video games, they can play video games and talk over the headsets. It's kind of nice actually!

I am hoping to actually get some layouts posted on this blog, but it's just getting them done and uploaded to the computer that is kind of time consuming sometimes!

We ended up getting a new computer Saturday at Circuit City, since they are going out of business, we got 10 percent off a computer, since both of ours took a crap on us! I love it...We got a 22 inch monitor, flat panel that you can rotate 90 degrees and you can look at it long's so I just love moves sooo much faster!!

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