Friday, January 16, 2009

2peas Challenge & Other Ramblings

With the cold weather all over.

What are you doing to stay warm?

Well since it has been freezing here like no other. I just got home from a little scrapbooking get-to-together with my mom and a couple of other ladies and my car said -10 degrees and that is without the windchill!! BRRRRRR!!

Well...lets see....I don't know if I can really say I am staying warm, because I am cold all the time it seems like! I am in usually socks, slippers, flannel pajama pants and shirt and if that's not warm enough, I throw on a fleexe pullover and grab our huge comforter and wrap up in that! It just takes a lot right now to stay warm in this weather!! They said with the windchill tonight it was suppose to be like 35 below!!! CRAZY!!! As for staying warm once I leave the house, as long as I am in the new car...since my has no heat most of the time :( I crank the heater on high with the hottest heat and usually run it the entire time I am in the

Tonight, we did a get together at one of the girl's house that my mom goes to church with. There was me and my mom and three other ladies and some kids. It was nice, we scrapped from 6pm til 10pm. There is usually always more talking than scrapping, but we like to say we put the effort in when we get together...LOL I officially only got 4 pages done, but I also did not take most of my stuff...I literally walked out the door without any paper, luckily my mom brought hers!! LOL

Well, I hope everyone has a great night and that everyone stays warm!! I am actually going to browse the boards for a little more and than I am off to bed where I can stay warm!! LOL

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