Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I am super super super excited!! I got a new car!!! I got a 2009 Dodge Caliber!! I absolutely love it!! Sooooo excited. I will take pictures of it hopefully tomorrow. It's raining right now and post them. It is a bright red....did I mention, I absolutely love it and I am super excited!! My first NEW car!!!

Oh yea and both my boys are going to the Final Four!! Super excited about that too!!

GO MSU and UNC!!!!!!!

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's finally FRIDAY!!!

YAY!! It's Friday, but unfortunately I have to work tomorrow but only 9am til hopefully 2pm, but it's whenever it dies down! This is probably my last weekend off then we go to 6 days a week til the end of October:( Crummy hours because it's the summer, but great because of the pay!
Anyways...not much going on here. Waiting for the Sweet 16 to start! My boys...MSU and UNC are still in so of course I will be rooting for them! I am not doing too bad in my bracket...I am 7th out of 10, but many people are in trouble after this round, because they have people winning that are already out, but that has not been taken into the points yet...so I am hoping! Could always use some extra mula!!
I am hopefully getting my new car on Monday! My car took a crap! The seals went out and they want like 900 dollars to fix it and my car is not worth that. It is a 1996 Buick Regal with over 250,000 miles and the only thing that is not new is the engine, so that would be the next thing to go, so instead of spending the money to fix the seals, I am just gonna go get a new one or slightly used one in Battle Creek on Monday! We will see...it may be completely new..you never know til you get there what they have! It's kind of a bummer because I definetely do not want or need a car payment, but what do you do? You have to have a car to get to work!
Other than that not much else is going on...the weather is suppose to be very crummy this weekend. High of 60 degrees today and tomorrow its suppose to be a high of 40 while on Sunday, we are suppose to get snow and then some rain and about an inch of slush, so it will be interesting!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's Saturday!!

Well, I am not really sure where to start...there has been a lot going on lately!

First of all, the NCAA basketball tournament started! Super excited! I got in one pool for 5 bucks and I was tied for first place and now I am tied for 5th, but I think that will all change. Some of the people in the pool have teams that lost the last two days going to the Sweet 16 or Elite 8, which in the end will eventually hurt them in points. I am doing fairly well right now, which is good for me! GO MSU & UNC!!!! Even though I have MSU losing losting to Kansas in the Sweet 16, but that is ok! I would perfectly okay with them going on! It would be worth ruining my bracket if they went to the Final Four or the Finals!! As for UNC...I have them winning the whole kit-n-kaboodle! I would LOVE Tyler Hansbrough to win a NCAA ring this year, since he is graduating! He is defintely one of my favorite players in college and defintely would be in the NBA if he decides to enter the draft!

Work...different story...don't even really want to talk about it...it just pisses me off the stunt one of my co-workers pulled! Anyways....

Yesterday, we, Cory and I went for a walk around the field...it was about a mile and a half but it was a lot of up hill and downhill...We ran up a couple of little hills and finished off the walking with a little bit of running to the end of the driveway...let me tell you...I never knew how out of shape I was until I ran and I was huffing and puffing and walking up a hill huffing and puffing! It is soo sad! I use to be in such great shape and I just let me go to crap! Gotta get my butt in gear again! I am going for another walk around the field after a bit and before the tournament starts back up at one! I am excited about working out...need a little push sometimes to get my butt out after work and walking!

My kitties are being lazy as usual...One is sleeping on the couch on a folded up blanket...that is Sunny's favorite spot and the Girls (Baby Girls) is sleeping on one of my side table stands, which of course she pushed everything off first, so she can lay down on it...usually an empty water bottle box is her favorite spot, but the sun is coming through the windows so I think they are enjoying the warmth!

The weather has been half way decent at least until the last couple of days. We had a 70 degree day and a 65 degree day and then it just dropped! It got down into the 20s last night and is only suppose to be a high of 53 degrees today with some wind, so it will be a little cooler than I was hoping!!

Well, I am off to look around on the boards for a little bit and then off to walk and take a shower afterwards!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's been a while!

Well, it has defintely been a while since I have been blogging...obviously this is not going so hot for my new year's resolution, my goal was everyday, but I do not get on everyday, so I guess, everyday I am on the computer I will try and blog.

Anyways....the weather was crazy here yesterday and the day before. Thursday, it was 63 degrees and yesterday it was pushing 70 degrees...totally bizarre! Plus it was raining to yesterday and it is suppose to rain the rest of the day I guess here today...kind of a bummer, but that means I can play around on the computer and possibly do some scrapping! I have not really scrapped in a couple weeks and really need to get my butt in gear! I have a lot to do! From my mom and dad's scrapbook, to my scrapbook to invitations!

Today it is raining, the fog has just kicked in to full gear, it is defintely getting thick out. It's only suppose to be like 52 today, which is still pretty decent, but from the looks of the weather, well when I looked yesterday, it was only suppose to be in the 30's come the end of next week...I am thinking we are going to have a couple more weeks of some cold weather...I mean come on...it's Michigan...nothing surprises me here anymore...lol.

My sister and her husband...which I am not even going to get started on, have their reception, which is like a one year anniversary in April this year, because they already paid their holding fee and couldn't get it back, so they are holding a reception/one year anniversary, since her wedding was only like 30 or so people. So, they, Jaime and mom, just got the rest of the invitations out to the families and they are finishing up getting the rest of the center pieces, which are mirrors, candle holders/vases and candles and who knows what else....and the favors, which I do not know what they are doing.

Anyways...things are kinda rough for her right now, she has Connor, who was born in August, so he is about 7 months old, he is such a cutie! Loves the camera and is a mama's boy, since she is the one that takes care of him...touchy subject here...and she is working part time, which is quite a bit, it's still like 30+ hours a week at a doggie day care....yes that's right a doggie day care. She said she lets them out to go the bathroom and to play if it's nice out, they get doggie time outs and only certain dogs play with certain dogs and other dogs cannot be around each other...it's crazy. But between working, the baby, going to school full-time and trying to keep the house up, which she is having problems with, and the wedding/reception..she is getting stressed out, she is crying all the time, pulling away from everyone. We think she may have post-partum, but who knows..she could just totally be stressed out as far as she can go...the husband is not a lot of help...but I better get off that subject..it's touchy and I don't want to upset her too much if she decides to read this.

Anyways...well, I am going to play around on the computer today and possibly do some scrapping since the weather is crummy out!

Hope everyone has a great day!