Friday, March 27, 2009

It's finally FRIDAY!!!

YAY!! It's Friday, but unfortunately I have to work tomorrow but only 9am til hopefully 2pm, but it's whenever it dies down! This is probably my last weekend off then we go to 6 days a week til the end of October:( Crummy hours because it's the summer, but great because of the pay!
Anyways...not much going on here. Waiting for the Sweet 16 to start! My boys...MSU and UNC are still in so of course I will be rooting for them! I am not doing too bad in my bracket...I am 7th out of 10, but many people are in trouble after this round, because they have people winning that are already out, but that has not been taken into the points I am hoping! Could always use some extra mula!!
I am hopefully getting my new car on Monday! My car took a crap! The seals went out and they want like 900 dollars to fix it and my car is not worth that. It is a 1996 Buick Regal with over 250,000 miles and the only thing that is not new is the engine, so that would be the next thing to go, so instead of spending the money to fix the seals, I am just gonna go get a new one or slightly used one in Battle Creek on Monday! We will may be completely never know til you get there what they have! It's kind of a bummer because I definetely do not want or need a car payment, but what do you do? You have to have a car to get to work!
Other than that not much else is going on...the weather is suppose to be very crummy this weekend. High of 60 degrees today and tomorrow its suppose to be a high of 40 while on Sunday, we are suppose to get snow and then some rain and about an inch of slush, so it will be interesting!

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