Saturday, February 23, 2008

What are your scrapping plans for today?

Well, I just got back from a volleyball tournament in Sturgis and let me tell you!!! What a joke!!! That is all I am going to say about that....

Anyways...I plan on scrapping the rest of the day once I get done browsing the internet. I really need to work on my parent's anniversary scrapbook!! I have over 50 pages done, but I am not making a dent at all in the

Other than that, not much else going on. Worked all week. Taught myself how to use photoshop for work, since I am taking over for a guy that left and that is what he worked with making ads and things like that. So, that has been my week at work, along with doing everything that this other girl did, because her and her hubby went to Vegas for the week, but she is back to work Tuesday!!

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, February 15, 2008

It's been awhile!

Well, it has been awhile since I have posted on here, so I thought I better get back into the swing of

Well where to start.......

I'M GONNA BE AN AUNT!!!!! My sister has about 25 weeks left of her pregnancy. Not sure what she is having, she will be finding out here at her next appointment which is in the next couple of weeks. So, I am totally excited about that!!

She is also getting married on April 18th, which there are a lot of details to it, but the short version is, she is having a very very very small wedding this year, with like 10 people, if that, then next year on the same date they will have an actual wedding where they will invite everyone they wanted....that's the really really short version of it...there is a lot more to it, but....

I have been working. I worked almost 50 hours last week! Which just means a nice paycheck! :)

The weather has pretty much been crappy. Snow, wind, very cold! It is not suppose to get any better here in the next week at least. We are suppose to have a winter storm this weekend, either Saturday night or Sunday night.

I have been playing co-ed rec volleyball and women's rec volleyball, which both teams are indefeated and it is just a blast playing with the people I play with! Our women's team is going to state in March in Jackson (MI), which will be a lot of fun and interesting!

Um...what else....

Tanning like crazy!! It feels soo good and defintely lifts the spirits up!

Starting my weight watchers diet Monday! I'm not at all excited with my weight, so I am starting that and working out, so I am excited about that and getting back to the way I use to be before I got that lovely depo-vera shot!! I will never ever do that again!

Well...that is all I can think of right now....not too much going on with working all the time now!

Have a great rest of the night and a great weekend!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Scrapbooking Crop

Well, I had a blast this weekend at the Scrapbooking Fundraiser Crop for a little girl that was struck by a car 3 years ago! They made over 6,000 dollars and that is not including what the vendors are chipping in also! They raised money for our fees which was 35 dollars to attend, they had shirts which were 7 dollars a piece. They also had silent auctions, that included items from lia sophia, bath and body works, and a bunch of other things! They also had a balloon pop, which were 7 dollars a piece, and we won a 25 dollar gift certificate for a hooded sweatshirt with a school logo, my sister won gift certificates to Wendy's and a free game of bowling, and my mom won picture frames and a towel that you can play checkers on!

We scrapped from 10am til 9pm. They had lunch, which included, desserts and sweets, hot dogs, and subs, with all the fixings, and chips. For dinner we had chicken wings, green beans and corn, sweets, breads, and cheese potatoes! It was great! They also provided drinks and snacks throughout the day.

They had a ton of vendors there, Creative Memories, Memories and something, Pampered Chef, a lady that did embossing, there was also a lady that I knew that did back massages for 10 minutes for 5 dollars!! My sister and mom had one and they about fell asleep! Avon was also there, and a couple of other ones that I cannot think of!

They gave away door prizes every hour, from scrapbooking supplies to hand made shelves and lia sophia jewelry and watches with interchangable bands. We did not win any though! There were a couple of numbers called around ours, one below one of our numbers and one that was 3 above ours! LOL They also had many giveaways! Pampered chef, avon and one other one did giveaways and raffles as well!

The scrapbooking vendors had sales at the end and throughout, from 40% off certain objects and at the end, they had 50% off a bunch of things because they did not feel like taking it home and 40% off everything else that is not in the 50% off piles!

It was a blast. I got about 15 pages done or so....maybe more maybe less I am not sure, I have not couted yet.

I bought a bunch of things, stickers, a t-shirt that says "Scrapbookers do it all night long" LOL They had two other ones, one about a husband and another about children and I do not have either, so I went with this also bought a little pink and brown bag that holds pens, scissors and everything like I spent about 30 dollars with that and a t-shirt that says "Katie Weis 3rd Annual Fundraiser!" Plus the 35 dollar fee to attend, so about 65 dollars in all, which is all well worth it for a fundraiser!

Walmart was also going to match what they made while at the crop. They made 1000 dollars between 10am-pm, so they made 2000 dollars in that time with the walmart matching them! So that helps out a bunch!!

I HAD A BLAST!!!!!! I am defintely attending next year!!!