Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2peas Challenge

Are you involved in any clubs or extra-curricular activities?

I am involved in extra-curricular activities. I play co-ed volleyball at our local recreation center and up til Monday, I played women's volleyball at the rec center. The only reason I quit that, was because I am the manager or coach of our co-ed team and we got our schedule before Christmas, so I called everyone that Monday after Christmas, so I wouldn't interrupt any family things and let everyone know we were playing that upcoming Sunday, which everyone was thankful for the heads up that far in advance.
Well, my women's team did not call me until 4:30 Monday and I guess our game was at that does not fly with me and since I did not hear from them before I went to the rec center. (If I wanted my 30 bucks back,...yeah...30 bucks to play volleyball...i had to go that day, which was the last day, and tell them I was not playing). So, I went into the rec and told them that I needed taken off my women's team roster. Well, I have yet to tell them that I am not playing with them...I know that is not right...but the end of the fall season, did not end very well for me...we had 2 games right around Thanksgiving and we were out of town for both of those, so I said I would not be there...well they were kind of *itchy about it.

OTher than that I use to play women's softball and co-ed softball, but co-ed softball there were too many problems with other teams and as for the women' was hard getting a full team there every week, so it wasn't worth the money!

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