Sunday, March 9, 2008

General Rambling....

Well once again it has been a while since I posted on here!! Things have been crazy busy!! I am planning my sister's baby shower which is in May or June. Yeah I know it's a little early to be planning the shower, but my hours at work are getting up there already! I worked about 54 hours this week! Which only means a nice paycheck!

Anyways....I am getting ideas and getting things in order for her shower. I pretty much know what I want to do, it is just putting everything together how I want it! LOL I am extremely excited to through her this shower and even more excited that I am going to be an aunt!! I AM HOPING IT'S A GIRL!!! :) We are having the shower at the church so that way my mom does not have to stress out about cleaning the house and then having people trample through it with their shoes!!

On top of work and planning this shower, I am suppose to have practice tonight for my women's recreation volleyball team, because we are going to state this weekend! Unfortantely my throat has been killing me since yesterday. Everyone at work has been sick the last two weeks and I was hoping I did not catch it, but right now it's not looking too promising! :(

Scrapbooking wise....I am working on finishing up my dad's Ecuador book then I am going to do some work on my mom and dad's book and my sister's baby shower invitations, since I have a lot of ideas for her invitations (which of course, are going to be handmade!)

Have a wonderful week!!

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