Sunday, April 20, 2008

Two Peas In A Bucket Daily Challenge: Whats the last good movie you say? What did ya like about it?

The last good movie I saw was actually last night at my parent's house, me, my Aunt Linda, Aunt Sue, and my mom watched The Gameplan with the Rock. It was soooo cute! I just loved the whole movie...I thought the Rock was funny, the little girl was cute, kind of a brat sometimes throughout the movie, but it was a very cute movie. This is defintely one that I will be buying and watching over and over again. I really liked the ending as well! (Which I won't say anything about in case people have not seen the movie and would like to!) I don't want to spoil it for others!

Not much happening today. We, me, my mom, Aunt Sue, and Aunt Linda, got things around a little better and more organized for the baby shower that I am throwing for my sister. I wanted to do it myself, but with the way work is going and by time I get home at night I am not in the mood to be planning a shower, so I asked the three of them to help pick some things up for me, since the date is getting closer and closer! I had one baby shower invitation done, as an example, and thought it looked good, well now I guess we are doing a safari themed baby shower, since my sister is doing the baby's room in a safari theme. Not too excited about it but whatever. I was not in the mood to argue with anyone yesterday!

So, I guess today after I take a walk and shower I am going to have to design the baby shower invitations all over again, because I do want to scrapbook them rather than buy them or print them off the computer! So that is probably pretty much my day right now!

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Juliana said...

Oh, that's too bad that you have to do the invitations again!
I loved the Game Plan, too.