Thursday, July 17, 2008

2peas Challenge~~For today's challenge, what is something about people (in general) that really irritates you?

What is something about people (in general) that really irritates you?

Boy oh boy where do I start? LOL. I have totally been irritated with some people lately! Especially at work!!

Some things that irritate my in general about people are the ones that treat everyone like they are dumb or that they think they know more than they think they do. Also, I love (sarcasm) it when people talk loud when there is no need for it indoors especially when you are on the phone talking with someone. Oh...and...when people do not put shit back when they are done with it and just leave it laying around.

I just get to the point now when I am irritated about something or someone, I just leave it alone or the person and do not talk to them and do not worry about it. My patience is very thin lately, especially for people that treat people like they are idiots. Oh yeah, I also get irritate with people that think they do sooo much and in reality they do not do much at all or just do not give a crap about what they are doing or who they are hurting.

Sorry, everyone, this is my vent right now. People have been irritating the crap out of me lately because my patience for certain people has just disappeared.

Well, moving on.....away from the venting....Nothing too much going on. The weather has been very hot and muggy. Just been working 6 days a week and trying to enjoy my Sunday's off when I can.

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Noelia said...

I too dislike it when people take stuff and misplace it (ie my hubby lol!) Good luck with your co-workers, I know it can be exasperating when they're not considerate.