Monday, July 21, 2008

2peas Challenge~~How do you store photos that you do no use in scrapbooking?

How do you store photos that you do no use in scrapbooking?

I try not to have too many photos left over when scrapbooking. I try to order just what I need to scrap. Where if I took pictures of my dad's birthday, I would get 2 made, one for my book and one for my mom and dad's. It all just depends on what the pictures are. If I do have left over pictures, I usually put them in a photo box or the plastic 4x6 sleeves.

Well....not much is going on this week. Worked today. Yesterday, I was going to scrapbook, I only ended up getting one page done, because I looked around and was like I really need to clean this place up. So, I ended up doing the dishes, laundry, cleaning the bathroom, livingroom, bedroom, swept the floors, moved some things around. Put away dishes, cleaned up the refrigerator, put away my pots and pans that I have had for years and have never used. So I thought I would get them out in case one day I may actually want to use the rest of

Other than that not much going on. My sister's baby, Connor Lee, turned about two weeks ago and now she finally dropped. She is due August 9th, so I am sooo excited to see my little nephew! I am sooo excited to be an aunt too!!