Sunday, August 10, 2008

2peas Challenge and some rambling!

2peas Challenge: When you go on vacation and take lots of pics... Do you try to scrap them all or just some?

Yeah, when I do go on vacation, I take tons and tons of pictures! I am sooo a picture person. I take my camera almost everywhere I go now! I do try to scrap them all. But if some are the same picture, I do not scrap them. Sometimes at different angles or if there are different faces or something's going on in the picture, I try to make a page out of it and scrap what I can. I do like to try and scrap all the pictures if I can. I do have things that make me not want to scrap them, but that is defintely a rare occasion! lol

Now for some general rambling:

Well, not too much going on here. Worked six days last week, cannot say I am at all excited about that. Getting kind of sick of that ordeal!

My sister went into the hopital last night with contractions. She actually had them start Friday, but they were an hour apart, than 45 minutes, than 15 minutes, than 7 minutes and than they went back to an hour, so they did not go in Friday. She calls Connor her little monster and it sounds like he is gonna be the way he kicks her in the same spot all the time. She is defintely ready for him to come out!

Well, they went into the hospital last night and they broke her water. As of right now, 5:30pm she is still in labor and she is in and out taking naps. They gave her the good stuff because she could not deal with the pain. Her contractions were lasting over a minute and a half and she does not do well with pain!

So, mom and dad headed up there, which there is a whole story to that, but not going to start with that, because it just angers me with her husband (my brother in law now) but anyways....she has still not had the baby. The doctor is suppose to come in, in a bit and let everyone know what is going on. So mom and dad are sitting in the waiting room. I am going to be heading up here soon. I was in the middle of cleaning the bathroom and washing laundry when they called, so I am trying to get the laundry done as soon as possible and then they will call when the doctor lets them know what is going on and then I will probably head up. I should just head up now, but me in a waiting room will drive my parents nuts. I cannot sit still very well knowing that my lil' sister is in there and I cannot see her! Drives my bonkers!!!

Anyways....I just thought I would update you all. I have not done to well at keeping up with this, we have been crazy busy with work and spending time with the family and spending some time with Jaime!!

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