Monday, December 29, 2008

The Weekend

Our weekend, well I should say starting at 5am Sunday morning and going to 9pm tonight, not really a weekend.

We, Cory and I, left at 5am Sunday morning with my dad and brother to go see my aunt and uncle that live down near Columbus. So 5am rolls around and we are on our way! We get there...oh...about 9:30 or so....the best part on the way down, was dad getting pulled over by the Ohio State Me, my brother and Cory were all sleeping and I woke up, because I felt like we were not moving and asked him what was going on....well in Ohio it is only 65mph on the highways....which sucks by way! I know I went to school in Ohio for 4 years and 65 seems so slow compared to what I drive in dad was keeping up with these other two cards I guess and he got clocked at 78 in a 65....not so hot in my mind, well he got off with a warning, because he has had a clean driving record that last couple of years! I gave him crap all weekend about it, because they still give me crap about my citation...not a citation, which still cost me 100 dollars....Anyways...

We got to my aunt and uncles and sat down and has some lunch with them and just kind of grazed the rest of the day until we ate at about 5. We just kind of sat around and talked with the aunt and uncle, played some video games on the Wii and dad took a little nap, since he drove all the way, while the rest of us slept.

After dinner we cleaned up and sat around and talked some more and then we got the six of us together and played "Apples to Apples." Let me tell you...this is the greatest game ever, I think! We get laughing sooo hard. We have a copy, well my mom and dad do, and my aunt and uncle went and bought a copy for 10 dollars at Target! I really want the game and thinking I will buy it next time I see it for 10 dollars. was sooo much fun...we play it everytime we go down there and we always end up having so many good laughs! We played that for a couple of hours! Time flies when you're havin fun!

So, today, we didn't do much and then we ran into Columbus and the Eastland mall....We also went to this JCPenney Outlet store, that is nothing but furniture! They are anywhere between 50 and 90 percent off! I found soo many things that I wanted for a house! Some of the things you had to watch the price on, which is normal is suppose to be like a scratch and dent type of place, but many of things look really good. They had one dresser that was missing a drawer and it was 80 percent off the current price and they had the same dresser with all the doors and it was only half you kinda gotta watch it, but we found some things we like and we may eventually go back and get them sooner rather than later, if we can get some extra money!

We just got back home about 9pm. It was a pretty good trip. I miss my aunt and uncle very much, they are great! I have so much fun when we go down there, they are just so far away is what sucks!

My aunt goes back in for test on the 9th of January to see if they got all the cancer out and if not she starts chemo on the 16th of January, which the doctor's said that if the tests show that the cancer is technically gone, they may have her do chemo anyways. They said that she is not technically cancer free until she has negative tests every 3 to 4 months for the next 3 to 5 years. So she defintely still has a ways to go, but she is doing well! She is much happier about the chemo treatments this time around if she has to have them, because the last time she had chemo she was on it 24/7. She had a bag or something that was attached to her all the time and this chemo will be once every 3 weeks, which she likes, because she hated the 24/7 chemo treatments.

Other than that, she is doing great. She still gets a little tired, she can't eat whatever she wants, she has to be careful, which stinks for her, because the stuff she cannot eat, like veggies and crackers, because they are soo rough on the throat, she had asphogus cancer, those kinds of foods she loved the most!

But, I am always thinking about her and hoping and praying that she gets better and stronger everyday!

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