Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

Not much going on for New Year's here. Just sitting around the house, scrapbooking, playing video games and watching football and other TV shows.

It kind of sucks not doing anything for New Year's anymore, but I am not much into the bar scene and the couple we spend most of our time with are playing poker and we are not poker people at all. I suck at poker, I honestly have no clue on how to really play, I just wing it and am like oh this looks like a good hand and then it ends up pretty much doing me no good!

I have been a scrapping machine this past week. I got over 60 pages done and am still going. I am working on my mom and dad's scrapbook for them and would like to have it done before their 30th anniversary, which is in 3 years, but that may be pushing it! So, they may have to wait until their 35th, but we will wait and see! I updated my New Year's Resolutions...I should say I just cut back on some of them, because there were sooo many.

1.) Keep in touch with everything at least once every other week, if not every week by email
2.) Blog everyday. (I really dropped blogging for some reason and I would like to get back into it!)
3.) Finishing my mom and dad's scrapbook
4.) Catch up mine and Cory's scrapbook
5.) Loose weight, by eating healthier, exercising everyday & no pop or energy drinks
6.) Spend less!!!!
7.) Do more pages this upcoming here than I did this year

Okay, so I went from 16 New Year's Resolutions to 7, which I cut to less than half of what I had!! Yipee!! Guarantee, I have loose weight, with three other works!


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Sherrie said...

Good luck on your goals for 2009.