Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Not too much going on today. I got up at 5am to see Cory off to work. Then I started catching up on my ER's and Army Wives shows, since I have not watched them in forever. I just record them and watch them whenever I feel like

Then I met my dad in town for breakfast and then we ran to Wal-mart and Meijer for a couple of things for brunch tomorrow and a few last minute things. What a mad house the stores were!! was raining on top of that, so all the carts were wet, the floors were wet, my feet were was just a crummy weather day and we are suppose to get some snow tonight/tomorrow.

After spending a couple of hours with dad, which he needed, he seemed kind of down lately. He just got over having food poisoning, his work computer crashed, so he can't use his USB slots, which means no printer or anything like that, which is extremely important for him to have, since he prints sooo much stuff off for work. But, he just seemed down lately. Mom doesn't know why, she noticed it can tell in his voice and the way he looks sometimes. But I had a fun time with him today. We sat and talked over eggs and toast then we went around Wal-mart and Meijer for a little bit.

But after spending a couple of hours with dad.....I came home and watched a couple more of my ER's, played around on the computer and just relaxed.

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