Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Are you going to the after Christmas sales?

I WISH!!!! LOL I thought about it because I want some more Christmas decorations, but I thought i better just save my money instead, because I have my school loans kicking in, which is a HUGE chunk of money each month, on top of other bills.

So, unfortunately no I am not. Plus, the day after Christmas is crazy, it reminds me of the day after Thanksgiving :) I wish I am able to go, but I am trying to be a little smarter with money!

If you are going out shopping today, have fun, be careful, and spends lots of :)


Stella said...

I totally agree about the after xmas shopping. Plus, saving money is a good idea.

Benita said...

Sorry you weren't able to go out shopping today. My dh & I went bright & early this morning & it really wasn't too bad.