Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A memory made with family & friends

Well, since it was Christmas yesterday and running all over the place, I did not get to blog yesterday, so I thought I would blog twice today :)

I have many memories from Christmas this year...Seeing all of the family. My cousin's kids are getting sooo big and they are just adorable! I took so many pictures yesterday. The greatest thing about yesterday is that we made by grandfather, who is going to be 80 this year, and my step-grandma a 7x7 album for Christmas, because they never want anything for Christmas anyways, so me and my mom decided to do a 7x7 album. It turned out really good. There are a couple of blank pages and pages that are not finished because we wanted to put a picture of all the grandchildren and then there was a picture of the 4 oldest grandchildren from when we were younger, so we took another picture and we have a THEN picture and a NOW picture to add to it when we print it off! So that is defintely my best memory from Christmas this year!!

Hope you all had a great Christmas!!!

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