Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A memory from a holiday celebration in school

I remember doing a few plays during the holiday season. Scrooge and The Electric Sunshine Man, which was about Thomas Edison and the light bulb. I was in the choir for scrooge and had a dancing part on stage with a boy in The Electric Sunshine Man play. Oh and we also had to wear black pants, a white shirt, and suspenders!! I hated suspenders, but when I look back on it, everyone looked so cute in

I also remember all the holiday parties we had in school. The food, the parents coming in, making decorations for the classroom and the hallways. We also made presents for our mom and dad to take home to them for Christmas. We never got to take them home any earlier than the last day we were in school before break...guess the teachers thought that we would be so excited about them and just give our parents the gifts. Which is probably true!!

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toners said...

LOL! I do remember getting school gifts a little early some years :) Fun post! TFS :)