Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Write about one of the five senses (related to your winter experience)

Well, since I could not just pick one of the five senses, I am going to do something short for all of them!

**The smells of winter
I love the smell of cookies baking and cinnamon and vanilla candles burning.

**The sights of winter
What is there not to love about the sights of winter? Everything is so gorgeous when it is covered with snow.

**The sounds of winter
I just love the sound of snow falling down out of the trees, the buzzer on the oven and just knowing that the fresh cookies are done and are reading to be frosted and decorated, and soon enough, eaten :)

**The touch of winter
Snowballs!! What else is there to say?!

**The tastes of winter
Cookies, pies, food. I love winter because it means I get to bake and eat cookies that are usually just made at Christmas time in my family!

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Jan said...

Love your post! Those are the same smells I would have chosen!