Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Do you tend to find yourself trying to keep up with the in scrappin trend or do you just go with what your flow is at that time & rambling

I can honestly say that I am not really into what the trend or the "in" stuff is right now. I just scrap and buy what I am feeling at the time. There are days where I just want some simple pages, or there are days where I go crazy with the layouts. It all just depends on my mood that day. Like when I go shopping, I may see something that looks fun and I just think I have to have, and then it may sit somewhere for a while and then I will finally use it. But I would say I just go with what I feel like most of the time.

Well unfortantely I found lice eggs in my hair last night :( My younger niece had lice at Christmas when we were at the grandparents, and she had them pretty bad I guess. So, we kept an eye out and looked through my hair for about a week and did not see nothing. Well, my mom and dad call last night and my younger sister had the eggs in her hair when they looked, so they called me and we looked last night and found some. So, we had to go by that lovely $14 bottle of RID to do my hair. Well it was on sale for $12 something, which is better than nothing :) So, we spent probably over two hours combing my hair and getting the eggs out. Not sure how many we found, but everything had to be put in bags, blankets, clothes, sheets, comforters, EVERYTHING...to be washed today! I had to take the day off of work, which I just started two weeks before they went on Christmas break, but with many of the workers having children, it was probably better for me to take the day off and clean than to have to go through this whole process again in a couple of weeks, because I did not clean and do laundry, and went to work for the day, when I could of avoided it all, by just taking one day off!

So, that was the night last night...bummer...now I have soooo much to wash it is not even funny. I was just going to go to my mom and dad's to do laundry, but after I looked at all the bags and stuff to wash, I would never get it done, so I guess I am just going to break down and go to the laundry mat...I hate those places...

The one that is in town, people smoke inside the place....YUCK! Sorry, but I do not smoke and I do not want my clean clothes smelling like cigarettes, especially when they bug the hell out of me, they make me all stuffy and sneezy and everything!

Anyways, I guess I better get my butt in gear for the day! At least going to the laundry mat will only take a couple of hours, instead of the whole day!!


Linda said...

Well that really stinks! That is my nightmare that one of my kids will bring it home and then I will get it. I hope it gets cleared up quickly.

Sarah C. said...

What a bummer! The one good thing about the laundry mat is that maybe you can grab enough machines to do it all at once. That's gross about letting people smoke inside there. I can't stand the smell & with my asthma try to keep a distance. Hope it's all cleared up quickly!