Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's Saturday!!

Well, my mom, my sister, Jaime, and me just got back from scrapping at the church from 8am til 3pm. It actually started last night, Friday. My mom and me went last night from 5pm til midnight. It was a lot of fun. We had all kinds of goodies. This morning they had breakfast casserole, one with ham and one with sausage, donuts, muffins, and goodies from last night. Then for lunch there were three kinds of soups and things for cold meat sandwiches! I defintely had a lot of fun there!
I got quite a bit done on my mom and dad's anniversary scrapbook! It is a slow slow process, since they have been married over 26 years and they take zillions and zillions of pictures. So, I do not do any in order, I kind of skip around and do what I feel like. I may do a couple of 2 page layouts from Disney, then go and do soem layouts of when I was little, or my sister, or brother were little. I have to skip around or I lose focus on it! I need a change in scenery! :)
Other than that not much has been going on. I am doing laundry right now at my mom and dad's, just catching up on what was dirty, that way the pile does not get too massive :)
Everyone is here right now, me, mom, dad, my younger brother Aaron, and my younger sister Jaime, and me! Jaime is a Senior at college right now and is engaged, so we do not get to see her too often, because she has a boy! Aaron is just a busy boy! Always has friends over or is at a friend's house, so I think my mom and dad really enjoy all us kids being here, because they miss it so much, because me and Jaime have went our own ways now!
Anyways...sorry for the rambling! :)
I am going to play around on the internet for a few more minutes and then I am going to go play guitar hero with the other two siblings!
Have a wonderful day!

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