Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's soooooooooooooo cold!!!!

Well what can I say other than it is...FREEEEEEEZZZING!!!!! It has not been above 10 degrees today and the wind chill has made it feel like below zero! It is only suppose to be like 3 degrees tonight and the wind chill is suppose to make it feel like minus 12 or close to it!!

Not much has been going on today, watched part of the Patriots/San Diego game until co-ed volleyball! Which we played a double header tonight and won both! I see the Patriots won!! YAY!! Now I am watching the Packer/Giants game!! Go Packers!!!

Other than I am probably going to scrapbook the rest of the night and see what else I can get done! We, my mom, me, and my younger sister, scrapped at the church yesterday and I got quite a bit done, but I would like to get some more done tonight, since it is sooo cold and I do not want to leave the house again!!

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