Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How are you staying warm in this cold weather the country is having?

The weather has been sooooo crappy lately! Freezing, snowing, sleeting, icy, and windy!! Today is the warmest, mind you it was only 20 degrees, the warmest it has been over the last week! It's so sad!!

Well, I had to work today, so I did not get to stay inside all day and stay warm! I did most of the day while I was at work, but to and from work and a couple of times at work I was outside and it was sooo cold and slippery!

As of now, I am just browsing the internet and possibly going to scrapbook. If not scrapbook, I will probably read more of my Harry Potter book.

I started my harry potter books from book one when the last book came out and I was doing really good, then things slowed down a little bit and I am on book #5, something like page 100...so it is a slow reading process through the books again, but that is fine, I needed to read them again anyways! I just love them!

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Nicole said...

I'm a major Harry Potter addict too. My dh just picked up the last book and began reading it Friday for the second time.

By yesterday he had finished it again. I want to re-read book six. Then I'll re-read book seven.

Good luck with finishing them.