Friday, January 25, 2008

What are you scrapping plans for the weekend?

Well, since it is freezing out! It was -4 degrees today when I went to work and they said it was suppose to be 23 degrees, but it never got above 15!!! Crazzzyy!!!

So, since it is so cold out, I am scrapping the rest of the night tonight after I get done browsing the internet. Then tomorrow, I will scrap throughout the day along with Sunday, until I have co-ed volleyball that night.

Since there is nothing going on this weekend, actually because I do not feel like going out in the cold weather, I am just staying in! If I do not have to leave the warmth, I defintely will not be leaving!! I am not a fan of cold weather!!

So, for scrapbooking, I am going to work on my mom and dad's anniversary scrapbook some more and get as much done as possible this weekend!!

I will probably also do a little bit of reading in my Harry Potter book 5 this weekend, if I need a break from scrapbooking, which I usually do for a couple of hours!!

Have a nice weekend!

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