Monday, January 28, 2008

Find a quotation that moves you and write it down. Why does it move you?

Remember nothing is ever as good as it seems,
Nothing is ever as bad as it seems,
But somewhere between the two is where reality lies!

This I have in my signature in all my emails, etc...My high school basketball coach, whom I consider my own family, along with his wife, use to say this to us before every basketball game and sometimes during practice and I played for him for 3 years and I managed for him in middle school! So that is defintely a quote that sticks in my mind all the time!

Enjoy today because you never know what may happen tomorrow!

This one defintely sticks with me and is so true! One should always enjoy the present day, because one may never know what may happen tomorrow to them or someone they know or love!

Well....the weather is still chilly! The wind has not been as bad lately as it has been in the last week or two!

We played co-ed volleyball last night which is always a new adventure for our team. We have fun together, but the other teams are always complaining and whining! We are in C league, and we were in C league last season. Well, we have one guy on our team that can really hit the ball!! Well, he hits hard and the other teams are always saying well you should move up and blah blah blah....Well, last season we were barely over 500. I think we were one game over 500 actually! Which in our rec league, you can pick the league you want to be in unless you win your league then you actually have to move up to the next league. Like we picked to be in C league, because we have not played as a team before the fall league, well 3 of us have, but the other 3 we have never played with. So, we have to deal with people complaining and everything, well in our books, until we win something there is no reason for us to move up a league!

Anyways, sorry about the rambling, but it does get kind of old the more it goes on!

Moving on....well not much going on today! Just doing some scrapbooking until I have my women's volleyball game tonight at the rec center!

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