Monday, June 23, 2008


Well it's Monday. My oh my how fast a weekend goes when you have one day off! Well, I finally finished the Thank You cards for my sister for her baby shower. I made her 50 so hopefully she likes them!!

Not too much happened this weekend. Worked Saturday 8am til 5pm, which is always AFter that went to Wal-Mart and spend over $100.00 on...I don't even know....sure cannot get much anymore for $100.00.

Sunday, not too much happened. The weather was gorgeous and then got rainy and then got sunny and then rainy again. It was just nice weather than crappy weather. Did some laundry and watched some movies, Mr. Woodcock, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, The Black Snack Moan (something that was on one of the movie channels and had Samuel L. Jackson, and the Simpsons movie. I also worked on the rest of my sister's Thank You's while watching movies. Other than that not too much else went on this weekend. Just kind of laid around and relaxed Sunday, which was kind of nice for a change.

Today, I went to my mom and dad's to see my mom since my dad is in Florida for work til at least Thursday. So, I dropped of my sister's thank you's at my parents house and sat and talked to my mom for a couple of hours. Usually we don't get to talk without interruptions, since Aaron, my brother, was who knows where, we just sat and talked. It was really nice!

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