Friday, June 20, 2008


YAY!! It's Friday, but unfortunately I have to work tomorrow 8am til 5pm. It makes it for a long week but it is a nice check.
Other than work nothing much else is going on. Cleaning little by little everday trying to get things the way I want them. Watching some television throughout the week and sleeping. Nothing too exciting here. lol
I also have been working on my sister's baby shower thank you's. That is about the only scrapbooking I have been doing lately.
I am exited about ordering my pictures. I ordered over 600 photos from CVS at 12cents each plus every 50 you bought you got 20 free. So for six dollars I got 70 pictures, so I am super excited about that!! I had pictures of Jaime and Nick's wedding, Jaime's baby shower, and other pictures I have had on my camera made!
So for now I guess that is about it. Nothing too exciting going on around here. Which is kind of depressing, but hey it

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