Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well, we finally got my sister's baby shower over! I love her and loved doing everything for her for the baby shower, but WOW!!! I was up all night Friday working on things. I went to bed at 6am and was back up at 6:45am to finish things up!

I met my mom and my aunt at the church about 10 or 10:30am and started setting things up. My aunt worked in the kitchen after we got the tables set up the way we wanted. Then we put the covering on the tables and started setting up the party favors, which were little bottles we got from Michael's and Joann's. We filled those with little candies shaped like pacifiers! Then we put a ribbon with a charm that said it's a boy with little fot prints and had my sister, Jaime write 'Thank You Love Nick, Jaime, and Connor' on them and we put that on the ribbon as well! We then had name tags for everyone. We cut out little booties from the New Arrival cricut cartridge and put ribbon through the top holes of them! We had little glitter pieces that had bottles, It's A Boy, pacifiers and everything on the table sprinkled in the middle. We also had centerpieces with 3 balloons and a cute little weight that my aunt made to tie the balloons to.

As for food, we had sooo much food. Mind you we set up for 64 because we 36 definite 'yes' calls and his family, which do not even get me started on, only had a few RSVP's but we were told to expect all of them unless they called with a definite 'no'. Well, we had maybe 30 and that may of been pushed, which I was not happy about at all. We made enough things for at least 70 because it seems like noone RSVP's anymore, which sucks. So anyways...back to the had pin wheels of different flavors, which are the soft taco shells with cream cheese and meat in them, we had different flavored shells like spinach and tomato and my aunt made three different kinds of cream cheese mixes. One was chives and garlic, another one had salsa and I cannot remember the third one, but they were all yummy! We also had some fruit and veggie trays with dips, chips and some velveeta and chili cheese dip, a crapload of meatballs, eclairs, a secret family recipe to punch. We also had tea, coffee, and hazelnut coffee to drink. Also, we had rice krispie treats, because my sister loves them! That is all I can think of right

We also had some problems, first of all, we ran out of helium, so my mom went to go get two helium tanks to make sure we would not run out! Then Jaime's friend, who lives down the street from us and is considered another little sister of mine, was running a little late and was suppose to pick up the cake and I was glad she didn't! My mom went to get it and instead of making a 1/2 sheet cake they only made 1/4 sheet cake, even though the paper they had showed that they needed a 1/2 sheet cake, which really surprised us because we have ordered sooo many cakes from them and have never had a problem until now, so I was not all happy with them about that, because my mom had to make another trip back into town to get the cake!

Well, 2pm comes around which is the time that the baby shower is to start and noone is there, so about 2:20 people start coming in little by little. So, while my aunt finished up in the kitchen, we played a couple of games. We played one with 'JAIME NICOLE MARTIN' at the top and we gave them 5 minutes to come up with as many names out of her name as possible. WHich the winner got a gift and of course Jaime got a gift. For gifts we had lotion, these cute laterns that my aunt got from Hobby Lobby, some cute magnets, and some potted plants. Well, after that game, we played Baby Bingo, which we made all on our own. We used the New Arrival and Doodlecharm cartridge to design out squares. We had Baby Shower Bingo across the top and BINGO in the five different pastel colors that everything, like the bottles were in. So for the squares we had the word 'BABY' has the free space and then we had bottles, rattles, booties, ducks, teddy bears, diaper pins, and a couple other things but I cannot think of them right We also had a door prize which was a cutting board that my grandfather made out of 5 different types of wood, which my cousin's little daughter won!

Jaime got a lot of great things! We had asked everyone to bring books rather than cards, which was a great turn out! She got soooo many books, which she was excited about, because now they have a library for Connor! She got a bunch of cute outfits, some bottles, toys, tons and tons of blankets, both handmade and bought, handmade towels, an Eddie Bauer jumper, changing table, stuffed animals, Connor's bedding for his crib, she got the crib set from his side of the family, diapers, lotions, baby shampoo and body wash, my mom and dad bought her a rocking chair, hangers, baby shoes, and soooooo much more!

Overall, things went okay, I was disappointed in the turnout! He had 9 people from his side including two children, then JAime had three friends from school, Sherry, Casey, and MaryEllen who are pretty much family, and then our side of the family! Everyone was great and seem to have fun with everything! I did have some family members really start to piss me off by the way they were acting, throwing food and talking and shit while Jaime is showing everyone what she got as she opened it and the comments from the family members about what she was getting and reading while I am trying to write everything down that she is getting from who and was really starting to irritate me. I more am less got upset and was just about to lose it and just be like ya know this is her baby shower, shut up and enjoy it. I mean there was one that said she would much rather be at the diaper party, which is the male side of the baby shower, because there would be beer and it would be more fun. That set me off!!! I did keep my cool though, but I was just at awww with that comment. I was hurt and could not believe she said that to my mom and me!! I mean my mom, me and my aunt worked our butts off to make this great for Jaime and then I have family members that do and pull that crap! Trust me I was not happy at all! This was my sister's day and it seemed like they were trying for the attention from everyone, which is just wrong, when it someone's day like that, you just shut up and go with everything no matter what you think or have to say. Am I wrong about that and thinking that?

But anyways...things went well. She is very happy with everything that she got and how the party went overall!!


Kimmie Sue said...

I love throwing baby showers! They are a lot of work, but so much fun! How fun it's going to be to have a new baby in the family!

Sandra Collins said...

sounds like it went really well