Friday, January 4, 2008

Do you try to join scrap/card challenges to keep you going on your projects or for inspiration from others?

Yes, I defintely join challenges to try and keep me motivated! I also join them for the inspiration from other scrappers! Without joining challenges, I honestly do not think that I would get as much done because there are days, sometimes even weeks that I just am not in the mood to scrapbook. But, I remember those challenges that I need to do, because I signed up for them!

I mostly sign up for challenges on two peas in a bucket and I just love the challenges there! If you are a scrapbooker and are not part of the two peas website, please come join you will love it! I know I do! You learn quite a bit from other marvelous scrappers and new techniques! It is just a great website overall!!!

Moving on to other things....The weather here has been pretty crappy! Freezing cold! BUT it is suppose to hit the 50's this weekend, which is just crazy!!! It was like 9 degrees the other night and a high of 20 and now it is going to be a high of 50 degrees! CRAZY!! :)


jill said...

I love the challenges too! So many to choose from at 2Ps.

We're having the same weird weather. 19 yesterday and today we're expecting weird.

Sherry said...

I agree with you about the joining challenges. And 2 peas is GREAT!

Michigan has been pretty cold weather!! But we took the kids sledding and it was GREAT!

Great blog entry!

Laurel said...

That's why I like to do challenges too. I have to do something even when I don't feel creative. Funny thing how just starting will get you in the mood though.