Friday, January 11, 2008

What are you scrapping plans for the weekend? and other rambling!

Well, let's see for the weekend, I am just going to do scrapping when I feel like it. I have pictures to pick up from CVS, which I have yet to do! I am going to work on my mom and dad's anniversary scrapbook, which is a slow process, but coming along at the same time!

Tomorrow, Saturday, we have my dad's side of the family Christmas! Yeah it is late, but we have it after the first of the year now, so things calm down for everyone by then, well at least with the holiday rush it does :) So, after that I will probably do a little bit of scrapping. We will see. I have felt like crap since yesterday and do not seem to be getting any better!

It was one of the longest days at work today, probably because I did not feel good whatsoever, and plus it was a crappy day outside, rain and sleet, with a little bit of snow after that. It was just a blah type of day!

My aunt and uncle are up from Ohio, so I spent the night at my parent's house, since they were there and spent some time with them, well, at least until my cold medicine kicked it! Which boy did that pack a punch too and it was only a Meijer brand! It knocked me out cold for a couple of hours, got up for about an hour, if that, and went straight back to bed and got up this morning to shower and head to work! It was awful! I hate being sick!

Sunday, I have a co-ed rec volleyball game later on at night, so I will probably do some scrapping before and after the volleyball game, but once again it all just depends on how I feel!

Other than that, my weekend is pretty well just sitting around and trying to get better!

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